Friday, April 01, 2005

It's Friday, I'm 'not' In Love.

Why do we keep things that remind us of 'things' we don't want to remember.. I wonder!
And what do you do when you find pictures of people you've never met (or so you think) in your own drawers?
Do you throw them away? Do you use them on your next collage work? Do you post them on your blog hoping some fellow blogger will identify them?

Cleaning up my drawers is one stressful task I'm not ready for. It can wait.

Y. entered my room yesterday sounding concerned: "Kha6ach esso.. It looks nasty.. When did this happen?". I thought it was April's fool.
It turns out my car is damaged. And I don't have a clue where or when or how it happened!

Terri Schiavo died. Case closed?


kwtia said...

Hi Shurouq, had to say that I am using this friday to throw away things of the past..and your post was perfect timing. I have been avoiding actually getting things cleaned out for a while, but it feels so light and free with everything i let go of.
Here's an article about T. Schiavo that I saw this morning...

Bloo said...

it's friday .. im not in love 'too'


i had an msn conversation with some one at work yesterday, when he went offline.. i was so sad of the conversation.. i was like: should i keep this log? so i deleted it .. no i dont want to be reminded of that, because it is directly gonna happen to me saturday.. and saturday is when im going to correct it
but what about failed crushes and love letters... hmmm, its cute.. always think that when u end a relationship in peace.. it pays off on ur memory roller.. doesnt hurt that much.
and yeah.. i post about that alot, imaginaryis a big issue involved though.

as in doing things not knowingly.. or being absent minded, i think of that every time i look at the side break.. how do i always remember to release it-lock it ??
terri schiavo.. died.. case.. one of many, but an spotter to bring attention.

رشيد الخطار said...

Chan zain 3indi drawer to clean..
Try cleaning a whole apartment with stuff that's been around for six years.. Old papers, magazines, notes.. Kharabee6 mostly..
I feel this sense of attachment to everything i have, i don't know why.. throwing anything away is like getting rid of something dear.. ma3ana its usually not.. But I still remember where I bought this particular magazine, and on which plane ride i read it..
I still remember what I was thinking when I wrote this funny note.. Or shakhba6ty b difatir il jam3a (allah ya kithirhom!)..

Its friday, I'm not in love .. and working on a 25 page paper due in 2 hours.. And didn't write a word yet!
Cheers Shurouq!

مبتدئ said...

Excuse me Shurouq

Rasheed !

Write your PAPER!!
Now I know why you didnt pick up the phone ..

Khalis Iftak!!
basik blogging

Back to Shurouq

7aram :( Schiavo

Shurouq said...

Hi Kwtia,
My cleaning up mission will have to wait till next weekend.
Thanks for the article.. And a million thanks for your informative/worthily time consuming blog :) I'm a regular there.

You reminded me of an MSN conversation I have saved since 2001.. It's about time I delete it too :)

Did you get to finish the paper on time?
Always listen to Mubtada'.. He knows best.

Alla yer7amha. Let's hope for a more rational debate on this provocative, yet very serioius issue.

AyyA said...

A drawer cleaning tip:
If in doubt, throw it out

nazzal said...

Caio Shurouq

i do not have problem in getting rid of things , anythings around me .
But the problem being how to get rid of things in the mined , how to erase the memory thats reminds us of those we want to forget !!!

Is it every Friday that u listen to " I'm not in love" ?!
inshallah doam in love :)

جمال والهوى شمال ... باخذ تكت وأصف دور

Ms.Baker said...

Yeah, I have the same problem. I am a total pack rat. I can't get rid of anything. I have notes and thoughts, diary's etc from when I was a kid. Whats wrong with me? Do I think I might die and one day they will find all these things, read them and say "wow, she was an amazing human being large beyond life, now let us celebrate her"? Hmmmph.

How could Terry Schiavo's husband do that to her poor mother and father? He didn't even let them in the room when she died. He let her poor body suffer starvation and thirst for 12 days! She, Terry, was probably already gone (brain dead) but her poor body, her poor family were left behind. The whole thing is a terrible situation, it makes me very sad.

Shurouq said...


But I'm Not! :(

Mrs Baker,
Regarding Schiavo, I believe both parties wanted what they thought was best for their child/wife.
I'm not taking sides :)

Ayya again,
Check this link out
You're a comic super heroine to be :D

Bloo said...

good girl :)

nazzal said...

U R not !!! شنو يعني

وإللي بالراس والذاكره شلون نرميه ، نمسحه ونعزله

Shurouq said...

I was saying I'm not in love, Nazzal :(

سؤالك الثاني صعب
دخن عليها تنجلي؟ :)

nazzal said...

وعلشان چذي قلت

جمال والهوى شمال .. ؤو وايد مستعدين يصفون دور

بس نظفي الأشيا الموجوده بالأدراج أول :)

ولا تنطرين الجمعه القادمه

Purgatory said...

The cure, cure, cure! save the world, cure!!

Shurouq said...

ترى آخرتها باصدق وأشوف نفسي

You know your jukebox, don't you? :)

Ms.Baker said...

Shurouq - I know both parties thought they were doing the best for Terry, bas for her to die with the exclusion of the people who lovingly brought her into this world (her parents) from being present is not right to me. The whole situation is disturbing. As well as the bad reaction of the public. This is my own personal opinion, for the 2 cents it is worth :)

nazzal said...

وليش ما تشوفين نفسج ... يختي :)

AyyA said...

Waw, I’m a bird, I’m a plane, no I’m a superwomannnnnnnnn, unfortunately with only one Y :(