Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Meaningful SMS Conversation of the Day

* I'm in London.
- Oh? Good
* What's good about it?
- Bad?
* No.. You know.

* Coming home tomorrow.
- Ok
* I'm coming home tomorrow.
- Have a safe flight?


Hanan said...

Let him go


Purgatory said...

hahahahah cute

Shurouq said...

He's volunteering information..
"My cat is sick", "I'm gaining weight", "I twisted my foot", I'm having breakfast", "i'm in London"..

Shasawwi ya3ni?

Cute in an annoying way maybe :P

AyyA said...

Hmmm, sounds familiar

Shurouq said...

:) Ayya,
But I'm sure you'd come up with better replys than my usual "yes", "aha", "ok", "good", "Yea", "I see", "great".

The Don ® said...

Shurouq, the person sending you these sms totally expected different answers from you, something other than your infamous "yes", "aha", "ok", "good", "Yea", "I see", "great". LOL.. These "aha", "good", "I see" frustrates sometimes.. :P

otuydbvckblkh said...

it is really annoying when u show ur indifference CLEARLY while the opposite person insists on going on and on and on and on ..

Anonymous said...

So .. He is In London ( I asume u had no idea he was going). and he is coming back.

here is what I would do .. if I care that he is coming, I'll tell him right away. If I don't, I'll tell him right away also. If I don't know wether I care .. I'll just shut up and say nothing 'till I do.

Good Luck

P.S. SMSing is not allways an act of care. some times it's just an ego busting act of making sure u r still hooked.

Shurouq said...

The Don,
I live to frustrate :P

It's also annoying when people beat around the bush. you see, the annoyance is mutual here :)

you're saying it should've went:
"*I'm in London -I don't give a damn"??... La.. 3aib

As for your PS, Very True.

snookie said...

i still dont understand who's the blue and who's the green.. lol

nazzal said...

Rationalizing emotion !! not difficult ..
Acting on emotions !! very difficult ..
Then it takes more than the brain to act ..

So what's the missing ingredient ??

Shurouq said...

Let me put it this way..
Blue: good guy
Green: bad guy

Nice new pic :)

You're confusing me.

Purgatory said...


Shurouq said...


nazzal said...

how hard is it to find the other inner missing pieces,
in order to strengthen them , and then to complete the structure which will take charge and ... ACT ....

Shurouq said...

Very hard, I tell ya

nazzal said...

i know ...
yet one should never stop trying to clear matters by clearing one's ACT :)

buenas noches

Judy Abbott said...

i am 100% with don he is right

ya enech etsereen e7lewa or ignore him

Shurouq said...

Snookie Snookie Snookie
Correction: Blue Baaad, Green Good. Damn it, I can't believe I got them mixed up like that!

Good night :)

I've been extra 7leiwa for the last 2 years.. Had enough of it :)

Flamingoliya said...

LOL.. chinnich ana :)

this person you're talking about seems to be a sagitarius.

Shurouq said...

Flamingoliya, :)
Close enough.. a Capricorn.

Kuwaiti_Man said...

You could send him this reply:

"عفوا,لا يمكنك الإرسال لهذا الرقم, لاتحاول مرة أخرى"

I assure you, %100 it will work!

jooni said...

blue ya e7ebech ya mako sheghel! if he loves u:P 7aram 3lech el tedeger, if not:P and i have no clue how you can figure this out, ma aw9eech keep on the tedeger,

Shurouq said...

Kuwaiti Man,
I'm sure that'll work ;)

Blue definitely mako shughul.

Judy Abbott said...

ok so you had enough then shutt him down :) kill him oo eftakay shalla 7adich !!!

IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE HIM ... hatha ma ya7teremich o ma yestahal ay e7teram or politness ...7egraaaay 7egraaaay ya mama hatha motakhalef oo mo3aqad ...goleelah tit

sorry for the lang. but he is soooo rude oo intay wayed me7tarmetah..

(ok nooni shhh)

Shurouq said...

خلاص.. حقرناه :) كلامك أوامر يافندم

nazzal said...

على أَولِت الحبايِب اللبنانيِه

أَوصُهْ بلا مشِاكِل