Friday, April 22, 2005


Is there a way to nicely ask someone to lose your number?


Jandeef said...


A big, fat, cold shoulder .. When they call =)

UzF said...

No :)

*drop "nice" and you'll get many options, believe me!

Tata Botata said...

Girl you got a way of asking hard questions.

Here's what I would do, If I saw that 'someone', I will ask him to use his phone, pretend to do so and delete it the number by your self ... maybe even any messages from you. Not perfect but that's one way to do it.

geo said...

you don't have to ask just block the number from ur mobile provider..

رشيد الخطار said...

If its nice then it wouldn't mean anything..
do it like you mean it!

GEOrhythm's way would be the second step if they don't listen.. u have to want to do it first.. o twakili 3ala allah :)

Purgatory said...

what did you do now :)?

Gigi said...

Of course!

"If you EVER frickin call me again I will HUNT YOU DOWN and shove your phone down your throat and MAKE YOU SWALLOW IT. So lose my number, please :>"

Gigi, nicely (*^-^*)

nazzal said...

No there is NOT . No matter how gentle with a soft attitude u put it forward, ITS A HARD THING ... So ,
it depends on how bothered and how much you
can take , to go for "lose it" .

AyyA said...

Change you number :)

shosho said...

Tell your friend that you have changed your number, and when that person asks you for the new number, tell him/her that you will call, and don't call.

NYchick said...

Please, I'd rather if you don't call me anymore. I have a great respect for you...but I am unable to carry on with this relationship.
Direct, simple and honest

Shurouq said...

Believe me, the cold shoulder thing isn't working.

Yes, if I drop "nice", problem's solved.

I just ask those questions to get your attention, baby :P

He would call from differnt numbers.. Plus, blocking his number wouldn't be "nice", would it?

I loved your "you have to want to do it first".. Smart.

I shot a penguin.

You're freaking me out, girl :o

You're right.. It all depends on how bothered I am.

I wouldn't go that far :)

I'm not sure that'll work, but I might try it.

I don't wanna sound dramatic.

Thank you everyone.. Where would I go without your point of view

Gigi said...

B-but... I did say "please"!! :(

Gigi, de-freakingly ;r

Purgatory said...

You evil monster! poor penguin! I will be looking for you so you better not show up in a place where I am sitting with my penguins :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

I agree with rasheed... ask for it quietly, FIRMLY, CLEARLY & polite :} then step two is el7ugran if there is no responce then 3 is the block

that way you would have been as polite as you can, clear & if they dont respond to that then clocking is a must :) .. am sure no one will blame you for that nor you will feel its not fair