Monday, April 11, 2005

"Sometimes it snows in April.."

"Sometimes I feel so bad"

It's raining..
Please God, Make it stop.

Mood swings, I hate you.


NYchick said...

I hope you feel better dear, we all have our ups and downs.
I wish you a much better days to come :)

Jewaira said...

When you feel bad and have those awful mood swings, just remember that you make alot of readers smile, Shurouq, and that is what makes the difference.

Anonymous said...

yeah shurouq i hope you feel better and i if you need to talk am always here :)


rayhane najib said...

بالرغم من أن الغالبية يحبون المطر شخصيا لا استحمله بالنسبة هو مرادف للحزن
أتمنى أن ترتفع معنوياتك

Shurouq said...

Did I tell you how much I'm enjoying your blog these days? :)

It's your comments that never fail to make me smile.. Luv you :)

Here? Where? :)

لا أكره المطر ولا أحبه
له إيقاع لا أفهمه.. مع أني أحب الجاز

W. said...

Hi Shurouq

here are a couple of games.. hope they cheer you up :)
(type each letters before they reach the other side)
(keep the drunk man balanced
(pretty easy)

Anonymous said...

no not here, you cant really talk here, can you?

how about a place where we can really talk? :)


Shurouq said...

You're a sweetheart.. Can't get enough of Tom and Jerry's game heheh
And that "Faisal" dude is a lucky guy.. omma da3iyatla :)

I've been warned from stalkers a couple of days ago.. Are you one? :S (Kidding)

Anonymous said...

actually i am a stalker, but the peaceful, harmless type :P

Ms.Baker said...

Hope you feel better ya Shurouq :) Have some of the virtual chocolate Anti-Reason left at his blog. That should raise the endorphins. Shinoo stalkers?? Allah i3eenich, Just take care. I know sometimes things feel a bit creepy, don't they? *Sigh*

:) tomorrow is another day.

Love your office. Its so chic and alive looking. Comfortable and cozy :)

Zaydoun said...

Better today?

AyyA said...

Are you PMSing?

Shurouq said...

With all those lovely comments and wishes, I better feel better :)

Getting there :)

Nope.. I'm just missing someone :'(

Q80-Chill Girl said...


:} join the club, latest post is all made up from missing some1 btw cute pic ;p "i said it like a zillion times today"

try buying flowers or redecorating any thing around, get out of the shell leave all the usual things & people even for an hour :} it will do you good

rayhane najib said...

شروق تحب الجاز
هذه معلومة سعيدة تؤكد أنك عاشقة الجمال بامتياز

Jelly Belly said...

7obee I saw all the comments in your previous post I just wanna send you a bear hug all the za way from America :*
I hope youmich full of sunshine ya sunshine ;)

snookie said...

shurouq, i know how you feel.. ive been standing every morning for 10 minutes at the bustop soaked in cold rain for the past 2 days.. all i know is that mornings cant get worse than that and i feel a bit better.. :D

Shurouq said...

Q80 Chill Girl,
Thanks for the tips :)
I'm "redecorating" my PC. Will that do the trick?

ومن غيرك سيدافع عن الجاز؟ :)

Jelly belly,
A ":*" right back at ya.

That's the attitude :D

kwtia said...

Shurouq, we miss your posts...hope you're feeling better...

"Into each life some rain must fall."

and then there's-

"Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby."
Langston Hughes

Also, I was just reading the last post and I am really impressed with how 'zen' you are, good for you..I am an even bigger fan now.

nazzal said...

قات , coke , acstasy , prosac and best of all

Shurouq said...

Ilbaraka fe your posts, dear :)
I'm on break.
And those are lovely words, next time it rains I'll have them in mind.

My dealer's out of town.

nazzal said...

ill send the menu :)

mean while listen to
عيظه المنهالي ... خيلي وسيفي

W. said...

اي فيصل لا بارك الله فيييييييييييييه


He's an ultra ASSHOLE ;"(

بعيد عنك يا شيخة

I'm glad you enjoyed the games. I personally loved the alphabet one lol

ولاّدة said...


نزولاً عند طلبك لي بأبيات خفيفة طينة ...إليك بها أبيات للشاعرة لميعة عباس ...يجب ان تتم قراءتها باللهجة العراقية

أرد أسألك ،وبحسن نية
ومحلّفك بلله ترد
ربك بيوم الصوّرك
كم يوم طينك نقّعه بماي الورِد

Shurouq said...

شكرا ولادة :)
لميعة اختيار موفق
كفيتي ووفيتي

ولاّدة said...

بما أنها أعجبتكِ إليك بغيرها
Low fat

ترد الروح ريح الترف لو فات
ومن يمشي يلوف القلب لوفات
رشيق ويشرب الألبان لو فات
تفدّيه الجواميس الغبية

nazzal said...

مرحبا شروق / ولاده

قبل أمسيتها الشعريه بيوم ، كنت معها بجلسه وقالت هذه الأبوذيه الخفيفة الظل
وتقول بأنها كتبتها عندما ذهبت إلي السوبر ماركة بجانب منزلها في سان ديقو لتشتري حليب قليل الدسم ... عندها رأت شاب حلو زغيرون أشقر ورشيق إطيّر العقل
stretch wearing obese girls وبنفس الوقت كان هناك
يخزوونه .. وهيِ كانت تريد تخزه وحِدها
low fat وسمت الأبوذيه

it must be getting better , isnt it ? i mean the mood swings

ya .. where is my painting ?!! :) i want it

Shurouq said...

وين أروح من كرمكم وعنايتكم؟ :)
ومع شرح نزال صار المعنى أوضح.. وأوقع
مجابلة الشاشة وأضحك مثل الهبلة
أحب الجيم الشمسية عند العراقيين

Ups and downs, my friend.. Ups and downs! :S

nazzal said...

آآآآآآآببييييييييييي پينتيتي

give me rasmitee


Shurouq said...

Do you want it framed?

nazzal said...

إييي لو سمحتِ ... ويكون سمپل

لأني أفضل الدنيا مِنميليستك :)

والله عين السيح يا شروق


تعرفين شنو يعني عين السيح

Shurouq said...

السيح منطقة بالسعودية.. بس ما أدري فيها عيون والا لأ
أفدنا أفادك الله

nazzal said...

وأنا كنت أظن إن السيح هو وادي في اليمن
على العموم ما تنصادين ... ٤٠٠ صفحه بيومين ثلاث
عيني وعين السيح عليج بارده

قاعد أقلقس لج علشان ما ترفعين علي سعر اللوحه

nazzal said...

Buona notte bella ragazza

may u wake up with a mood that makes
every thing around you dance ....

nazzal said...

أسعدت صباحا

ظليت أفكر بالسيح حتى قررت أن أستنجد بالمنجد
فالسيح هو الماء الظاهر الجاري علي سطح الأرض
وعلى الإنترنت وجدت أسامي مختلفه لأسياح هنا
وهناك .................. ودمتم عين الأسياح

Shurouq said...

منكم نستفيد :)