Saturday, April 16, 2005

Coz Pink Is Like Red But Not Quite..

Buon Giorno..
Inspired by earlier comments on my office, I'm choosing a pink cover for our May issue. Not so professional, ha?

The girl next desk's husband's giving her hard time... Again :(


How come you come to me for advice when you openly disapprove of everything I do or say?
Don't expect me to open up and give you another chance to judge me.
And it's not the truth that hurts, it's your interpretation of it.
That's what I should've said. Only, I didn't.

(This blog gets personal and shallow at times.. Bear with me, please.)


Purgatory said...

Its with a G not a J.

Shurouq said...

Thank you, your highness
It's been fixed :)

W. said...

I hate hubbies like that :\

Purgatory said...

no problem, have to keep an eye on all my subjects, penguins and non penguins alike :P

Anonymous said...


nazzal said...

assolutamente con G e non J .. comprendere !!

once i started reading , i said WoW her mood is good ... its pink .... then went through the rest
and realized that their is still some swings left
over .... :)) :)) :))

i told to listen to عيظه .... and take break from
talking politics

Shurouq said...

Alla ykhalleek lena gool ameen

! indeed.

Just listened to Aitha. Sorry, I didn't like it much.

My mood is fiiine today.. And what are you talking about? :) I haven't talked politics in ages!

nazzal said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shurouq said...

Well.. not on this blog anyway.

Shurouq said...

We're in sync now

nazzal said...

:( loved that song .....

u did at alsafat ... good one though

LUMINOUS said...

also its 'bon' not boun.. thats if u wanna be correct :)

nazzal said...

والله يا حلات إلليّ لافعه إيدها على الثتيج ... واللللله

beautiful paintings .. specially when it comes
to the eyes , it just talks .. come on u dont need
much guts , u r already there ... what r u waiting
for ?!! do your exhibition ! i grantee u that the
first day , all would have red stickers ...

and how my frame coming ?

Shurouq said...

I thought it was Boun in Italian, Bon (or bonne) in French!

Welcome to my blog :)

What paintings are you talking about? Did you sneak into my room while I was away?

nazzal said...

pure coincidence .. wallah el3'6eem o
7ayat essima ezzarga :))

nazzal said...

وبعدين دايما تعلقين على المواضيع الجانبيه علشان تفتكين ... حركات
خليج بلب الموضوع :))

Shurouq said...

أفضل اللوز على اللب

رشيد الخطار said...


nazzal said...

أوكي لا لللب طاف

لأن اللوز هو دايما المفضل عندي بجميع أنواعه

spanish almond وألذهم من الرفاعي

وشربت بيذان مثلج مع كرشد آيس

وفوق البيعه لوز البحرين .. شتبين بعد

ولي شقشق الفجر بشروق الفن ، ممكن ترسمين لي

لوحة لوز ... يابعد لوزتيني :)

Zaydoun said...

الله.... شربت بيذان مع ثلج في عز الصيف

Shurouq said...

ما دام جبت طاري اللوز البحريني لك اللي تبيه

nazzal said...

وإشمعنه البحريني ؟ صار لي مده ما ذقته
ومع الفارق
جربي الإسباني وايد لذيذ

AyyA said...

Someone is in a desperate need for privacy, go to your boss and shove it at his face, “I am creative, I am productive, I need my own private space to be able to function properly, and I don’t mind swapping places with you” ;)

Shurouq said...

البحريني (مو بس اللوز) نقطة ضعفي :)

Ayya lol
I'll live.

nazzal said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shurouq said...

صح لسانك نزال

Mohammed said...

pink is fine ya shurouq....:)

did i tell u that is one of the worst sites i've ever visited...
and it's never regularly updated...