Saturday, April 23, 2005

Transesophageal Echocardiogram

Mom had to go through that awful test today.. Only she couldn't, and the doctor had to pull the tube out.

Love you, Mom


Tata Botata said...

Oh sorry to hear that, Is she alright now? Hope she gets better.

Jelly Belly said...

Salamat Alwalda 7abebty...inshallah ma etshoof shar.

SheWrites said...

That looks so imposing and harsh.
I'm so sorry your mom had to go through that.
Inshalla ma tshoof shar.

Take care of you.. and her.

Purgatory said...

salamat wo ma etshoof shar

ولاّدة said...

ألف سلامة

NYchick said...

Salamat elwalda dear

Shurouq said...

Thank you very much, everyone.

nazzal said...


Allah y3eenha ... i know what it feels like , had to do endoscopy 5 times ... it gags the hell out of me ..

matshoof shar

Shurouq said...

الشر ما يجيك، نزال

You poor thing.. I'm sorry you had to go through it too..
Or should I say: sorry it had to go through you?? :/

nazzal said...

what to say
ce la vie
شكراً :)

Ms.Baker said...

Oh Shurouq, maat shoof shar il-walda, salamaat inshallah. Please take care, and all my best wishes and thoughts for the both of you are yours.

Hanan said...

Hate hearing about this on a blog.
Hate being away from home.


Storm-petrel said...

all the best to your mother.
May she recovers very soon and come through even healthier than before.

rayhane najib said...

سلامتها انشاء الله

Jandeef said...

matshof shar inshalla.

kuwaitigirl said...
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kuwaitigirl said...

سلامتها الف سلامه ما اتشوف شر الله يحميها ويشفيها من كل مكروه

بومريوم said...

الله يشافيها و يعافيها
و يقومها لكم بالسلامه

طائر بلا أجنحة said...

ما تشوف شر و سلامتها

Eve said...

الأمّهات أحلى الوردات وأغلاهنّ. انشالله وردتك عطول متألّقة

Shurouq said...

Eshar ma yeech, dear

you'll be home soon.. and there's nothing to worry about.. walla :)

Thanks for visitng :)

الله يسلمك

Eshar ma yeek

شكرا حبيبتي

الله يسلمك

انت بعد الله يسلمك :)

شلون بيروت هالأيام؟ :)

Kuwaiti_Man said...

ألف سلامة للوالدة وماتشوف شر, أجر وعافية إنشاءالله
طمنينا عليها

Camel Jockey said...

I hope a speedy recovery for your mom. I can't get freebrain's blog (أبو حفص الدودكي). Does anyone have an idea what is going on?

nanonano said...

ما تشوف شر و ألف سلامه عليها.....و فرصه سعيده

Shurouq said...

الشر ما يجيك.. الوالدة بخير :)

Camel Jockey,
I hope Abu 7afs is reading this right now with a big grin on his face.

الله يسلمك، وآنا أسعد
White looked real good on you :)

Jewaira said...

Salamat oo ma tshoof sharr el waldah ya Shurouq. Wishing her all the best. She's lucky to have daughters like you

moe-isha said...

ma tshouf shar - no one should go through that :s

Eve said...

ماشي الحال شروق، مع إنّي مذنبة، لأني مشغولة ومش عم بسأل عنها كتير.

Muhammad Aladdin said...

يارب تقوم بالسلامة يا شروق.. و اتمني انها تكون بخير دلوقت


fakereality said...

Shurouq, Inshah Allah she'll be fine. I'll pray for u and your family.

Q said...

Salamaaat o matshoof shar ya Shurouq! Hope she gets through it smoothly, or vice versa!

Im such a chicken that I actually traveled once on a day when I was supposed to have something similar! Never did it!

Send her my best regards even though she doesnt know me :)

Shurouq said...

And I'm lucky you passed by :)

E walla, Moe-isha

علاء.. شكرا والله يسلمك

I'm very flattered to have you visit all the way from India :)

I'm chikcen too.. but when doctors say you need this procedure or that, you follow their orders.. You don't run away... Ouffff :/
I hope you're in good health now :)

الا نبيذي said...

اسف كنت مسافر ولاية ثانية وتوني رديت وقريت الموضوع

الف سلامة انشالله وما تشوف شر

wafaa said...

حبيبتي والله (امج مو انتي)...
ما تشوف شر وانشاء الله مافيها الا العافيه اهي بس تتدلع على ابوج... ولو اني ادري شنو السبب الحقيقي بس مابي اقول (انتي ادرى ... :))))))))

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Am sorry for the late comment dear ,, I hope she is well & slamat'ha ya rb

matshof shar ya rb