Wednesday, May 11, 2005

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I'm having one of those days..
Only I couldn't take it this time, so I left work and now I'm home.
I've been having more bad days than good ones lately.. I wonder why!

Tata babe, Thanks for the music, and sorry I wasn't hospitable!


shosho said...

I hope you will feel better soon - shall I send you p4 to entertain you?

nazzal said...

weelcom to zi cloob

something heavy is pulling me down ..
I Want To Break Free
quite away from this town
wont u say Freddie Mercury
is it possible or is it GaGa
I'm Going Slightly Mad
oh dear Shurouq cant u see
I'm Going Slightly Mad
all these noises around me
It's A Hard Life .. would you agree
day after day
am slipping away
its okay
its not so bad
here comes the dawn
I'm Slightly Mad
The Show Must Go On

Flamingoliya said...

it's wed. enjoy :)

SheWrites said...

Me.. Heely.. Jandeef.. and now you.

I'm really beginning to think they're putting something in our water.

Feel better, doll. :*


Anonymous said...

my diagnosis is that you need a man in your life, just like i need a woman :)

hope you feel better

AyyA said...

I think it is something in the air sweetie, it’s contagious. I haven’t been feeling well lately as well, nothing physical though. Waiting on the hope that it will go away soon :(

Anonymous said...

u too ... no way ...

i have a very good tip
GO TO BED and sleep naked :) oo ed3ely as if nothing happened

Shurouq said...

Kids always cheer me up, but i'm not sure your p4 is technically a kid. In fact, it scares me!

I'm throwing my membership card away.. "zi cloob" is not my kinda club

Your hair!! It grew!

This too will pass
This too will pass
This too will pass

I'm on. I'll start looking first thing tomorrow.

I'm sorry it got to you too, babe.
Feel beter :*

Err.. I'm not quite sensual today.
Thanks for the tip.

And thank you Eva for this link

Jelly Belly said...

would like some prozac? I have plenty to spare (although I don't think they really work)

no seriously I hope you feel better soon...cheer up babe :)

Anonymous said...

why look ?! ana mawjood

sij sij , lets get to know each other on a personal level, i like your persoanlity and i feel that we could be a good match.

Shurouq said...

Jelly Belly,
Never tried Prozac.. Dark chocolate should do the trick
:* Thanks, babe

sij sij you're freaking me out :)

دكتور نفسي said...

شروق ليش تعبانة نفسيا ..تبين نصيحتي روحي الحسينية عشان يقرأ عليج السيد يمكن الجني اللي راكب راسج يروح عنج آية الله ، وإلا أقول لج روحي بنيد القار شربي عصير فيمتو من وحدة من الحسينيات الموجودة هناك يمكن يطير التعب منج
سلامتج وما تشوفين شر

Muhammad Aladdin said...

اتمني انك تكوني كويسة دلوقت


Shurouq said...

دكتور نفسي
الله يسلمك.. بس شهادتك من وين ماخذها؟ من النجف والا قم؟

شكرا :)

Jandeef said...

Just a bump in the road. Hang in there. You've got all my support =)

G0LDiLiCiOuS-Ψ said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
G0LDiLiCiOuS-Ψ said...

hmmmm ma tshofeen shar dear, I've been reading your blog for a while, mashallah lots of interesting subjects, keep it up dear :D ma tshoofeen shar again, as for dr.nafsi, I think that's a little or probably her privacy to tell you whether she is ta3banah or rakeb her head yeni@!@, YUM YUM Vimto Masyed Maqamees "Rumacieeyah" :D

get well dear


Hanan said...

Oh no. Not again girl.
Hang in there. Just two more weeks and you can feast your eyes on me :D (or mine on you)

It's weird but I've been getting a blank page accessing your blog all day yesterday. Not even a "page unavailable' or any such, just totally blank page. I wonder what that means. The other blogs I was able to access easily. Your mood must've been affecting the transmission of your blog :)

nazzal said...

بون جوريك سعيد
i hope u r out of that mood , which-shall-not-be-named :)
its a hot sunny day , go back to one of those photos and learn again how to enjoy the beach ... don't forget the floaters .... yalla up you go .. cheers

Shurouq said...

Thanks, your support is highly appreciated :)

Thanks, dear :)
وترى مافيني شي والله.. كله دلع

hehe.. yea my blog is quite telepathic.

Walla you're right on the money, all i need is a beach..
بونجورك أسعد :)

رشيد الخطار said...

Mithil ma gal Jandeef, just a bump in the road.. 7ayshatni taqreban nafs il 7ala..

I miss being around ur blog..

Shurouq said...

Thanks Rasheed :)
I kinda miss my blog too