Tuesday, June 21, 2005

وزيرتنا منورة الجرايد اليوم

Went to see Kulna Sawa in Mishrif last night.. Fun.. They even managed to get Kuwaitis to clap and sing along!!

But Kulna Sawa's نزلن على البستان is not the song I've been singing since Saturday, it's
Salima Murad's هذا مو إنصاف منك, composed by Saleh al Kuwaiti. What a lovely song!
I think it all started after reading


A certain scene from the movie Alive got me quitting meat and chicken a few years ago.. I'm wondering now if watching Sushi eaters is affecting my appetite for seafood!


I might go to Mishrif again tonight for a Kuwaiti band. Taqaseem. Never heard of them, but I'm always up for تخت شرقي (This one goes out to Illa Nabithi & Mubtadi').


Ayya's blog made it to al Qabas today.. How cool is that? :)
Bo Rakan is officially our Godfather now.


Tata Botata said...

شفتي صور الخرفان اللي كانو يمعمعون لما كانت وزيرتنا تتلوا القسم ... صوفهم كثر ويبيله حش
بس فيه شغله باطه جبدي ... معصومه تكفين خلص ... درينا صرتي وزيره، بسج توقفين قدام الكاميرات ومطلعه صبعج منيه ومناك ... نبي شوية تكانه ورفعة راس ... نبي شغل

Anonymous said...

لاتعطي نفسك الحق بوصف غيرك بالخرفان لان مواقفهم لاتعجبك. لانك تعطيهم الحق بتكفيرك والتشكيك باخلاقك، ولكل فريق ادواته المعروفة.

kwtia said...

Shurouq, where do you find out about events like this? Is there a calendar/info thingy at the Mishref place??

W. said...

وجرايدنا بعد! مبرووووووك والله من جد فرحتلكم

I saw a pic where she had her thumb up! ya7leelha

وبعدين اعزمينا يا كافي ،،،، والله اسكت ولا اعلق بصوت عالي

promise ;p

Shurouq said...

lol Tata,
عن الطنازة.. ترى "الطنازة" تلف وتلف وترجع لصاحبها

I agree, but please check Wallada's SMS post :)

It's International Music Festival from June 18th till the 23rd.

They have ads in the papers, but yeah, I probably wouldn't know about it if I didn't work for the sponsors :)
The schedule is available in Mishrif.
Tonight (Wednesday), 7:30: "Pindakaas" (German Saxophone Quartet)
Thursday, 7:30: Kuwait National Band

lol 7ayyach, babe
You (and your loud voice) are always welcome here

kwtia said...

thanks Shurouq, I really need to start looking at ads and the cultural pages...

مبتدئ said...

Thanks Shurouq

Wala not bad hatha mo insaf minak.. 67tal saleema murad ilbar7ah ehe..

Tell us, did u go to Taqaseem .. how did it go?