Saturday, June 18, 2005

Good News and Somewhat..

Sister's recovering. Everything's in its right place (I think!) And It's great to have her home..
She gave us a good scare the other day.. Kinda shook my trust in doctors for a while too..
But she's fine now, thanks to the cute creatures in scrubs, and I'm back to being the doctor groupie I've always been.
Love you, sis :*

Q: Why do we come up with all sorts of excuses to call up people we're not supposed to contact?

My "bestest" friend will soon be my coworker. I hope the transition goes smooth.
Can't wait to share the same office... again :)

I'm excited about 'people' coming back from Spain tomorrow.. Ahem!

"Spamming" is no longer welcome on this blog. I'm sorry I will have to delete every offensive comment I get from now on.
Not that I'm offended, I couldn't care less, really, but I'm sure you've all noticed how redundant it's getting.
Also, I cannot afford losing visitors like Ayya and Jewaira. Thank you, ladies :*

Of course you can still call me 'short' whenever you feel like it.

What else..?

I'm addicted to my cough medicine!
The bottle is 3/4 empty now and I'm freaking out..

Magnet's version of Lay Lady Lay isn't bad at all.
I prefer Dylan's, but change is good.
(Speaking of which, why can't we have our cake and eat it too?)

Read Hasan al Esa's article today. Loved it as much as I hated Ghassan al Imam's.

Misteltoe's Ticks. Nice blog! I especially liked his "Fig" :)


ولاّدة said...

أخبارك مفرحة ...إنشالله دوم

وبخصوص قرار الشطب أعتقد أنه آن الأوان لتنظيف هذا المكان الجميل من العناكب

مع تمنياتي لك بأسبوع مليء بالفرح

kwtia said...

How nice to have your cheer back...and I actually woke up this morning thinking that maybe it's time for your blog to be disinfected..
Happy to hear about your sister...very good news..

Bo Jaij said...

Good move

Now we can vent out on something worthtwhile

Bo Jaij said...

And I wish your sister the best of health

AyyA said...

If you know what kid of a person I am you’d know that I never can stay away for long from the people who are close to my heart, and you are more than close dear. Your blog is respectable, informative and very artistic and your style is very classy and I admire you for that and believe me I would never want to loose people like you.
Your blog as well as some others for me are an out let, like a July breeze and it does hurt when I see it spammed, not that I care for what those comments include, and also not for opposing other’s point of view, on the contrary, all points of views should be accepted but only if they had substance and respectable language, after all this space is public and it does give an image of all of us Kuwaiti blogs. And whoever has his own twisted ideas can have it on his own blog which I’m sure that none would visit except their own likes.
I’m glad that you have taken that decision and I want you to know that I have never stopped visiting.
Salanat ikhtich wi ma teshoof shar 7abeebti

Jandeef said...

Thank you!

Salamat your sister :)

W. said...

7amdella 3ala salamat ur sis! geddamha el3afyah inshAllah

as for your question, emmm.. wallah I have no idea.. well for me because I'm impatient.. eh elmishkila I know the problem bs I don't think I'll ever fix it lol.. 3adi r7m Allah emr2n 3araf gdr nafsah

Alrighty, I'm heading to the dentist right now, to get rid of 4 of my wisdom teeth.. 4 ykhreb bait iblees dr m7ammad.. I barely slept just thinking about it.. Allah y3een

yalla.. hope you feel better!!! mmm time to go I suppose ;(

Jewaira said...

So glad that your sis is better. Wishing her all the best. And basech cough medicine get better.

Hmmm....we all contact people we shouldn't more often than we want to admit ;)

Shurouq said...

OMG I just deleted a couple of comments!

أحاول أنظفه على قد ما أقدر.. بس إذا نط عنكبوت في غيابي اعذروني.. ما أقدر أراقبهم 24 ساعة، حدي 22 ساعة باليوم :)

Thank you dear. It's a good day :)

Bo Jaij,
I'm glad I have your blessing, sir :)

Alla ysalmich wikhalleech.
Believe me, I know what a kind person you are.. It shows.
I just didn't wanna risk it, that's all :*

You're welcome.. 7ayyak allah :)

الله يسلمك

You're having the four removed in one session? Poor babe!

طمنينا عليك :*

Good to know I'm not alone in this :/

& goodbye cough medicine, hello Nutella. I feel better today :)

W. said...

I didn't do it :|

ZORT said...

Glad your sister is feeling better..I wish her all the best :)

Judy Abbott said...

salamat to ur sister and hey that is the best thing you are going to do .. they are very annoying and itchy :)

you go gurl
o 7amdilla 3al salama moqadamn who ever is comin from spain.

Zaydoun said...

Good move indeed... I come here for intelligence and witty repartee.. not for that sort of nonsense

Hope your family remains in good health

nazzal said...

Hi Shuoruq

Simply well done ... cheap and uncalled for words got to be put away ...

سلامت إختك وسلامتك .. وما تشوفون شر

Hanan said...

good thing you decided to delete them. they were getting a little too much.

i am so jealous you all work at the same place. khalas im quitting my job and joining you, ok? It's not fair. you share a house and a place of work. who the hell am i? bint elbawwab :P

bader said...

7emdela 3alaa salamt ekhtech o its good having you back again.

Shurouq said...

Kil ta'khira o fiha khira
Or so they say :)

Glad to see you here

Ahem.. alla ysalmich

Thanks, Zaydoun.. but I think you got my blog mixed up with yours! :)

Oh please, 'bint elbawwab'.. We're the ones working for minimum wage here.. o 7asdatna ba3ad? :P

Thank you very much :)

Anonymous said...

salamat ou ma itshofon shar.

thank you very much for your long awaited decision.

Shurouq said...

الشر ما يجيك

You're welcome, and sorry it took me so long.
I am known to be "slow" :) It's the snail in me

nazzal said...

every time i comment now , instead of my name , i get ????? shissalfah !


Shurouq said...

I don't know, Nazzal
I can't read Arabic names either.

And sorry I didn't reply to your previous comment..
العتب عالنظر

والله يسلمك ويخليك :)
How have you been?

Jelly Belly said...

Hello Sunshine...I'm glad you and your sis are feeling better...I just wanna know were you addicted to NyQuil?
my friend everytime she comes to the states itchayel weyaha darzan...LOL

Alia said...

I do agree with you in those good news u mentioned ..

1) i'm glad to have "sister" back home too (as I do consider her MY SISTER).

2) I really really really hope that the transition goes smooth ... COWORKER to be.

3) ??????????? I'm excited that you're excited ...????????????

4) yey ..... spamming ... no longer there ...

rayhane najib said...

علي سلامة الاخت

bora bora said...


الدنيا ربيع والجو بديع

هذا شعوري في بلوغك اليوم


Tata Botata said...

salamaaat for you and your sister
(and hey while we're at it, tell her I have an empty slot for the 4th wife)


Shurouq said...

Jelly Belly,
How dare you accuse me of 'NyQuiling'?

My little almost-empty bottle here says "Alchohol Free" (yeah right)

We need to talk, sister.
But you have to promise you won't hit me on the head first.

Better yet, let's just chat on MSN.

الله يسلمك.. شكرا :)

Bora Bora,
It feels like "rabee3" indeed, minus the seasonal allergies :D

Ya bakhatna.. We're honored (and freaked)

nazzal said...

i've been absolutely super , thanks 4 asking .

just changed my name's letters to english
rather than arabic , to check weather or not
i'll get rid of the ????? ... Here we go

Shurouq said...

That's good to hear.

أمس اخوي يقول لي اللغة العربية ماتت وآنا أقول له لا بعدها حية ترزق

كاهي ماتت

رشيد الخطار said...

Good move, 3ala 6ool inshallah.. when I saw the comments 29 gilt "Damn, they found a way to get in" bs 6la3aw mn zood il ma7aba.. allah ihaneech :)

Eagle's_Wings said...


Shurouq said...

I deleted only two messages so far.
I have to thank the guy for giving me a break :)

Eagle's Wings.
Welcome to my blog and glad it got you smiling :)

Ra-1 said...

Shouroq ...
I am glad u removed those bad comments! I was really shocked when I read them, I even read some words for the first time of my life :\
deleting them is the best solution for such sick minds and there are alot of those minds everywhere Allah ekafena sharhom n_n

ignore what they say and never feel sad coz they are the ones who must feel sad 3ala 7alhom :)

Shurouq said...

Thanks for passing by :)
And Amen, Alla ykafina sharhom

The Don ® said...

Shurouq, can you feel the love ??? I think I can.. :))

Now I think I can come in and join the post, good move, and made everyone relaxed enough to leave a piece of their minds..

Keep on going.. you are a lovely gal, and we all adore you..

Shurouq said...

The Don,
You bet I can feel it.. and it's mutual, wallah :)

Ms.Baker said...

I am so glad you decided to delete Shurouq :) It was the best thing to do considering how terribly insane and ridiculous it was. You seem like a load has been lifted off your shoulders :)

Salamaat for your sister, glad she is ok now.

Ohhh... that actually gave me insomnia after being on it for ten days! I wont touch it any longer.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Good to hear that :} am glad you finally will erase them & from here I send a salut to Jewaira & Ayya for being able to convince you to change ur mind & make me more relaxed to read ur blog again! that I did back off from when I read those ... :} any how glad ur finally going to delete them & whipe them off ur world .. My wishes to your sister to have a good health always

Papillona ® said...

Bravo Shurouq :)

Shurouq said...

MsBaker, Q80 Chill Girl, and Sarah
Thank you, girls :***

And MsBaker, I'm already insomniac, so I guess NyQuil won't hurt me, no? ;)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Al-Hanbali said...

nice to hear that your sister is okay. 7emdella 3alla salamet-ha
I was informed before about what was happening in your blog

I was quite shocked

i guess yeah you should delete those sick discusting comments
and i tell this person ya akhi
go do something useful, instead of just making a bag of sins each time you write this huraa2

even though i have my differences with you which arent a little
yet it makes me sick that some one is actually writing this way to you

never the less
Allahuma 2ihdina 2ajma3een

Shurouq said...

Allah ysalmek, Q8iBloger

I agree.. Our differences should never stop us from being poilte and civil

& I really appreciate visits from the other camp :)

Thank you

Muhammad Aladdin said...

اكيد تعبتي من قولة "الله يسلمك"، بس لازم اقولها

حمد الله علي سلامة اختك

Shurouq said...


ما يصعبش عليك غالي