Thursday, July 07, 2005

TO BEirut, OR NOT TO BEirut!

Good morning, cupcakes
How are you all doing?

Cousin had plans to spend summer with her mom and sisters in Lebanon.
Her soon-to-be ex husband (aka 'Dimwit') is holding her passport.
The guy claims he wants her back, yet he's acting like a jerk.

Does anyone find possessiveness attractive?

That's not what I'm here for anyway.. I'm off to Europe in a couple of hours (might drop by Beirut on our way back), I thought I'd say my cyber-goodbyes.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.
Go wild.. Adopt a kitten.. Sign an
AMNESTY petition.. Add a little Perrier to your daily "leban" dose.

(Can't find my favorite khakis) :(

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu..
I'll miss you all :*
I'll miss my 'neighbor' in block 5
(and Alia, I promise I won't forget Africa)

اللي عنده خبر عن بو حفص يطمني.. ترى السالفة مصخت وآنا أحاتي مثل الـعيايز


Bo Jaij said...

Enjoy the holiday...We will keep things out of control here

Jandeef said...

Bel salama .. lock the doors behind ya.

kwtia said...

We'll miss you..have fun, relax, take everything in..

Papillona ® said...

tro7een ow terji3een bil selama :)

I'll miss you

nazzal said...

Break a leg ... Caio

iDip said...

Enjoy it as much as you can :)

Eve said...

Hope you enjoy your trip. try to make it "to BEirut", and the "leban" is on me :)

AyyA said...

Possessiveness, hmmm bad sign, I’d say dump him :)

Have a safe trip sweetie and be a bad girl for a change ;)

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Enjoy ;P

Anonymous said...

لقد تم إضافة موقعك لدليل المدونات العربية قمّة على الرابط

مبتدئ said...

Dont Goo :(

I dedicate this to you

I wish i can withhold ur passport so that you'll keep on blogging, lakin il amr mo beedi :[

Safe trip yuba

Flamingoliya said...

enjoy :)

Jelly Belly said...

have a safe trip babe and have fun...will miss you :*

Luckybellybuddha said...

تروحين و تردين بالسلامه

Jewaira said...

Have a great time Shurouq :)

Purgatory said...

stay out of trouble

Zaydoun said...

Have a great time... and stay safe!

Diplomacy q8 said...

have a good time
and i invite you to visit my blog

thank you
i hope u like it

Muhammad Aladdin said...

Have a nice trip, Shurouq

Kuwaiti_Man said...

بالسلامة يا إخت شروق
تروحين وترجعين بالسلامة

بس هالله هالله بالصوغة

على فكرة, مو بس إنتي اللي تحاتين بوحفص

الله يفرج كربته

Alia said...

i'll miss u girl ..
i won't see u for 2 months ..

work sucks without u ..

have fun >> and enjoy the trip ..
but don't u think of forgetting my AFRICA

keep on looking for the notes

Tara said...

I'm already missing you shurouq.

Have fun dear.

The Don ® said...

if you're passing by London, get me an Ox tongue sandwich please.. & enjooooy

W. said...

Have fun in Lebnan.. I can't wait to leave myself.. khalas shayyab raasi!!

I love london

Spontaneousnessity said...

I loved your posts, hope you're having fun :)

ZORT said...

Stay safe Shurouq ;)

Blossom said...

Auf wiedersehen & haben sie eine shoenes Reise :)

Storm-petrel said...

لا أخفي سعادتي أن أحدا ما زال يذكر إمام المدونين أبو حفص عجّل الله فرجه الشريف..أين أنت يا أبا حفص؟؟
اعطينا اشارة انك بخير ولوحتى ايميل

Aladdin said...

Heard about this poineer blogger. Really long to hear of him very soon. You have a nice blog Shorouq, and an enviable neighbourhood, too...(a smile here)

Eva said...

Eshta2na Ya Shoroouq : ) !

enshalah ur having fun 3adil ;]

Luckybellybuddha said...

Not very inaccurate to say that the Mayor of Jabriya is missed o mokanha khlai :-P
It just said on the "Nashrat el al7wal el jawiya" that its snowing north west of salmiya & its quite spectacular & so I'd hurry back not to miss it if I were you.
Have a great time wherever you are & a safe trip home :-)