Friday, August 12, 2005

سر حبّي فيك غامض

Nuclear plant in Isfahan is operational again, and the US of A is calling for tough action against Iran.

I thought the mother, do you think they'll drop the bomb days are over! But hey, what do I know..

I love this sign so much I don't mind the construction works on Fourth Ring road, Istiqlal/Fahaheel, or anywhere else in Kuwait.. It's like walking through an art gallery.

The head can use some cropping though.


Tata Botata said...

"The head can use some cropping though."


Pink Floyd rocks my drunk ass at 5 in the morning on a long ride home to jahra after too much eric clapton.

There's a major roads renovation works going on all over the place, I want to say "somebody's pocket is getting bigger" but the truth is some roads deseperately need all the fixing they can get.

Shurouq said...

Please don't take the head-cropping comment personally :P

snookie said...

they talk the talk but dont walk the walk.. it really pisses me off that they think that THEY are the only ones who should have nuclear weapons.. we all know theyre banned everywhere, the the US didnt sign that resolution (not sure if that is right, but i know this didnt sign SOME nuclear weapons ban)..

Ms.Baker said...

Just what the world needs...more nuclear weapons...why does having one seem to symbolize national might for so many Third World countries? Utter stupidity.

..And that construction on 4th Ring Road is getting to me, bas what to least it's now and not when the school za7ma starts again. That sign really is cute BTW :)

shady q80 said...

Holly cow! You're back and you seem to have had a productive vacation....

As for the nuclear weapons... Their reaction (iran) is understandable. Guess what most of Iran's neighbors have in common?

Shurouq said...

Morning Snookie, :)
You have every right to be pissed off at both sides.

Now that you mention it, i think the "school za7ma" is even scarier than the nuke.

Yankees and خلال برحي?

Which came first the chicken or the egg?
Iran didn't even try to win the Europeans over for crying out loud.

دندول said...
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Anonymous said...

hey smelly dandoul
stay away from this blog
you stink!

شرقاوي said...

Ask your representative in the National Assembly the following question:

"What are you going to do about the fact that the soil samples from different parts of
Kuwait contain Plutonium?"

And make sure he does not give you the usaual BS about the Iraqi war, or the invasion or the liberation wars.

Now, what were we saying about Iran's nuclear program?

p.s. Shurooq, many thanks for your tolerance.

Anonymous said...

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shady q80 said...

Freedom means living with people who try to kill you...

And yes it was the bir7y that did it..

Anonymous said...

الحمد لله على السلامة
راجعة من إيران لأن موضوعاتك ساخنة عن إيران والمفاعل النووي وعن التربة
قلت لج ما تقدرين تتخلصين من عقدة الشيعة
يا حبيبتي تخلصي من عقدة كونج إيرانية يبا تكفين خلصينا من مواضيع الحسينية هذا بلوغ عام توجهات ومذاهب مختلفة تخلصي من طائفيتج وتعصبج للمذهب الشيعي
يبا مايصير يا تكونين كويتية أو إيرانية ما يصير بين وبين
وسلامتج وتعيشين لنا مو لإيران

Shurouq said...

I don't have a representative in the National Assembly.. Not till next elections anyway.

I'd like to know more about this Plutonium thing though.
And you're welcome :)

كل يوم تعال

هذا ليس "بلوغا" عاما.. هذا بلوغ شخصي
أوعدك أحاول أعالج "عقدتي"، كما أتمنى الشفاء العاجل للجميع.. والله يسلمك

شرقاوي said...


First, you are entitled to question any member of the assembly. After all, women are potential voters.

However, when I wrote "you", I meant, and in addition to yourself, anyone reading my comments.

Second, yes, Kuwait soil is contaminated with weapon-grade radioactive Plotunium. And we are all exposed to it.

And the plotunium is not the waste from previous wars in the area. It is more recent. And KISR is aware of this.

MissCosmoKuwait said...

I'm pretty pissed off about the Iran issue too..but according to the pessimist and their consipiracy theory..this was expected...they all said "Right after Iraq, they'll go after Iran..then Syria...and blah blah blah..until the whole area is too weak to ask about Israel's nuclear stuff..know what I mean?..Sucks big time!

Anonymous said...

الزائر الجديد يقول لك
رجاء أخت شروق إنت فنانة وراقية وتسمحين بكلام قذر من مستوى اللي مكتوب يعني شلون يصير هالكلام
من فضلج راعي الناس اللي تقرأ مدونتج وشكرا لك
وبعدين سمعتوا آخر أخبار التحرشات بالجامعة منو فيكم طالب تقول الوطن ومجلة سيدتي أن دكتور أردني
بالجامعة متحرش بطالبات وأنه فيه علاقة غريبة بينه وبين دكتورتين كويتيتين من صاحبات المشاكل لأنهم صاروا يدافعون عنه ويكتبون مقالات الله يستر من هالدنيا ويحفظ أخواتنا من تحرشات الدكاترةإشرايج شروق تثيرين هالموضوع ؟
مع تقديرنا لج أخت شروق ولمدونتج الراقية