Sunday, September 25, 2005

Publication equals Litigation!

Work is getting a bit hectic these days and I think I like the pressure.
It keeps my mind off of things.

Went to Cinderella Man last night, and like every other boxing movie I've seen (I'm thinking Rocky, Raging Bull, and Ali) it was very powerful and moving.
I guess I better check Million Dollar Baby out too.

Today's SMS:
H: What are you up to?
S: Killing you.


شسالفة الأسلحة اللي لاقينها بالمنقف اليوم؟

أحد منكم عنده خبر أو تفاصيل أكثر؟


And is Figo hot, or what!


shosho said...

Common Sharooqa, you could have come up with something better than the 'killing you' line ;)

nazzal said...

Figo .... Figo ... figaro .. Figaro Figaro Figaro :)
Absolutly , music to the eyes :)

But what makes him HOT 4 U ?!

AyyA said...

H: What are you up to?
S: what you can never be into.

How does that sound sharooqa ;)
And yeh, I want to know about the Mangaf thingy as well!!!

Shurouq said...

:) Shosho,
Next time inshalla

Just look at him..
And the guy scores too.

Good one, Ayya
I also liked Shosho's suggested line "checking an outfit I'll be wearing for someone special"

LiL Alien said...

المنقف ؟؟
بصراحه هذا اسم يطلق على منطقه ؟

كل ما اقراها اتخيل شي ثاني

منقـّف = مصكـّم

bo_ghazi said...

Million dollar baby is a bit overrated....

as for Figo... they say I look like Figo ;)
bs with a bit of 3anmbar sa3eed nose and Bassil 3abdalnabi hair :p

بومريوم said...

مليون دولار بيبى ما أنصح احد يشوفه
حد الكآبه
الوضع عادى بالمنقف اليوم....وين مذكور الخبر؟

Purgatory said...

Million Dollar Baby is a wonderful movie, no one understands it well, hence no one likes it.

بومريوم said...

اذا بتقارن الفلم ب عملية ازالة عصب اسنان من غير بنج فالفلم جدا جميل

W. said...

Didn't see any of the movies

3ad 7a66a f baali bashoof million dollar baby bel weekend..shakla ythayyeg el9adr = comfort food = invite friends to watch with me

lel e7a6a... I hate PCs

Shurouq said...

lol Lil Alien
أسامي مناطقنا كلها إبداع

Bo Ghazi,
We've met, haven't we?
I think you're selling yourself short here..
Figo can't compete with you, darling.

أمس واحد قال لي الخبر بس ماني متأكدة منه ولا هو متأكد.. انشالله يكون إشاعة

I'm taking you word for it.

Catch 22,
Grwoing up, Rocky was my hero
You have to see al three.. Four

I liked "lil e7a6a" :)

W. said...

adri inna whatever ill say bykser ilkha6er.. but u wanna know who my childhood hero was?


regarding lel e7a6a.. reminds me of the days I wanted to be a news anchor LOOOOOL.. actually I wanted to be the weather person.. If you're REALLY REALLY bored (i used to get a kick out of this one - infact i still do) watch saudi news at 9 pm (channel zeft 1 that is) and wait for the weather forcast n listen to the guy (mind you, hes a prehistoric figure.. hatha mn ma3alem ilqanat els3odeyya.. infact, ho m2asses il tlfezyoon.. mashalla 7ATTA HIS VOICE DIDNT CHANGE!! mashalla laylahellah!!)
anywayyy.. ism3eeh o ho ygool "darajaat el7arara elmtwaq3a" OH MY GOD.. his friggin tone, his pitch would just RISE by the end of each city. NO ONE could EVER do that! Not even akram khozaam morasel iljazeera f mosco!
OH and to make it even more funny, try listening to the NAMES of some of the towns here: ras ABO GAMEEE9 (which happens to be located next to RAS TANNOORA - how convenient!) kharkheeer!!! 9aam6ah!!

- tra I think there are two guys now.. I dont mean the short skinny one.. with a marvel comic inspired goatee.. the guy im talking about is tall-ish and stocky. He has a 3adil emam kind of all round protruding belly.

Hanan said...

I don't know about Figo. Not much into football and I totally overlook the sports page when reading a newspaper. But knowing you, you have a thing for football players, don't you?

and Million Dollar Baby is not overrated. And yes of course it's depressing but that doens't make it unworthy of being watched.

Killing you is a cute line. I can think of other people I wanna do that to ;)

Purgatory said...

Yeah watch it you are cinematically mature to understand the film.

SheWrites said...

Feh. Enjoying Million Dollar Baby has nothing to do with being 'cinematically mature,' 3ala golat ba3th innass.

While my favorite genre of film is slit-your-throat-there's-no-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel, Million Dollar Baby was just.. poopoo. It begins as one movie, ventures off into something else and then ends -- anticlimactically, I might add -- with a whole new story. And all throughout, you're just like, "Qua?" The characters aren't well thought out and you can't identify or feel for any of them.

I could keep going, but maybe you wanna watch it yourself and form your own opinion. :P

I don't recommend it. :)


ArtFiNaLe said...

Haven't seen neither Cinderella Man nor Million Dollar Baby :T
I guess i need to get out more often!

Purgatory said...

she will like it, she knows movies better than you :P

SheWrites said...

Purg, I know you like to think that because I'm SOOO much younger than you, I don't know film -- that I'm not "cinematically mature" -- but all I have to say to that is:


Thank you, drive thru.


Purgatory said...

it has nothing to do with age,

You are not there yet, maybe you will never be there, its a special understanding of film, so my suggestion is that you start reading history of film books and slowly understand the true meanings of movies and direction.

Until then you will be cinematically immature :P

SheWrites said...

Blabiddy blah blah blah.

I've read the books; I've taken the courses; I've dived into film headfirst and I KNOW what I'm talking about.

Besides, why do you refuse to see that movie-watching is subjective; what I like, you may not like, and what you like, I definitely DON'T like. ;)

All that aside, however, Million Dollar Baby was crap.

Thanks for listening!

Purgatory said...

It is not subjective, if I say its good, then its good.

Million Dollar Baby is a film that will be appreciated years from now, you just wait and see miss breakfast ferris :P

SheWrites said...

You say:"If I say its good, then its good."

I say:hahahahahahahahahaha. okay.

Let's meet again in, oh, let's say ten years, and see how far up the Movie Ladder Million Dollar Baby has climbed.

Remember, boys and girls, just cause a dying cowboy directed it don't mean it's any good. :P


Purgatory said...

Don't make fun of clint! you you you, immature cinematic woman!

Jandeef said...

Million Dollar Baby is NO Cinderella Man!

Spontaneousnessity said...
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Spontaneousnessity said...

al7een yegoloon sponta

Shurouq said...

N, I liked the movie wayed and it got me crying..

Here, Purg

Jandeef, I liked it better than Cinderella man.. way better

And Sponty, Come again?