Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Wounded Foot

This beach scene goes out to my nephew O, who's not so excited about Kubbar anymore!

Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida
Spanish, Valencia, 1909


الشيعة احترّوا من حزب الأسرة الحاكمة المرتقب وقرروا التحالف.. وهيفاء وهبي رجعت الوادي

ويا بختي بالخبرين


AyyA said...

Lovely painting,
Wi ba3dain elta7alof elshee3i kan mitwagi3 min ziman, now that women are able to commence the political life and the voting population had practically doubled, and I bet you that Khadeaja Elma7meed and her husband Ali Elmoosa are behind this, it is a propaganda to strengthen their roots in the political life, and all this nonsense about meeting up with Shaikh Suba7 is a part of this propaganda so that they’d be able to get the sympathy of the shee3at society.
But I hope that Sheeat or at least a good percentage of them are not so naive to take the bait, and try to see the picture as a whole to the benefit of the country. There are other means to fight discrimination and you don’t want to get rid of a beast by creating a monster.
Wi ba3dain, laish ma te7i6een word verification wi itfokeen 3omrich min hal da3ayat :)

Spontaneousnessity said...

so the 2 khabarain are connected how? inna haifa wahbi she3eyya?

بومريوم said...

مع انى سنى..بس اعتقد ان التحالف الشيعى تاخر...
كون الشيعه قوه أقتصاديه بالكويت..الماخذ الوحيد أختيار الاسم لانه سيسبب حساسيه

Q said...

أنا اقترح يعينون هيفاء وهبي رئيسة الحزب الشيعي و روبي الحزب السني (عشان خاطر بعض الناس)

يصير صراع ايدولوجي بين مؤيدين المؤخرة و مؤيدين الصدر
(hehehe, pun, get it?)

Shurouq said...

Khadija al Mahmeed's husband is Abdulwahab al Wazzan as far as I know.. but that's besides the point
I'm afraid most shiite will fall for it.

I'll see about that word verification.. 6alabatich awamer :)

lol Sponty,
That never even crossed my mind!
But yeah.. now that you mention it, I guess they are connected.

بو مریوم
التحالف ما تأخر.. التحالف متأخر، بمعنى متخلف
وشي ثاني.. التحالف تجمع سياسي.. يعني من حقك سواء كنت سني، شيعي، مسيحي، بوذي أن تقول اللي تبيه عنهم.. واللي مو عاجبه يشتكي عند الناظر

انت عبقري

Q said...

احم ..... أشكرك

بومريوم said...

انا رحت على التحالف الثانى:)
فدك , التحالف الاقتصادى الشيعى

W. said...

ما شفت الوادي مدري محد حمسني

وبعدين هي ليش هجت من الوادي اصلا؟

Ms.Baker said...

What a sweet painting Shurouq :) oo salamaat to your nephew and his poor wounded foot ( or whatever happened to make him turn off of Kubbar)


Shurouq said...

بو مريوم
فدك هذي شي ثاني.. وفعلا الاسم استفزازي

Catch 22
ولا آنا شفته :)
يقولون هجت لأن نفسيتها تعبت .. سلامة نفسيتها

Alla Ysalmich MsBaker :)
Glad you liked the painting

W. said...

جبتلك العلم،،،،

يقولوووووووووووووون ان هيفا اصلا ما تبات فالوادي... وان يوم فصخت خطوبتها ضاق صدرها* وقالت تبي تغير جو،،، بس ما يندرى وين الصدز

*المقصود من التعبير المجازي وليس الواقعي

Shurouq said...

Lol Catch 22, thanks for the info

Tara said...

زين ما عرفتوا لنا شنو سبب فسخ خطوبة الخانم ؟

اللوحة تجنن يا شروق

W. said...

Below are the rumors as to why Haifa & Tarek broke up

1- His family opposed it - they claim that his mother was hospitalized because she was upset upon hearing the news of her son.

2- The Government got involved - they threatened to freeze his money if he didn't break it off

3- His brothers threatened to buy his shares in the family company

4- He got bored

Frankly, I think all excuses are express people's jealousy. I don't understand why everyone is giving him a hard time and no one said a world when wild ilbraheem married shireen saif elnasr or abdallah saleh kamel married latifah the singer, not to mention one of the royals marrying Claudia Cardinale (back in the ol' days). It's his life and I don't see him minding anyone else's business except his own. But you know how people are, it's their sorry-ass excuse to point fingers when in reality all of them are dieing to be in his shoes.
"let he who is without sin, cast the first stone"

Tara said...

شروق كل اللي قلتيه حلو
(بس انا (بيني وبينك
ما اجرع هيفاء وهبي
و ما تنزل لي من زور لو مهما صار

كل المغنيات اللي من نوعها كوم و هي لوحدها كوم

و بعدين ما اعتقد انو احد يحسد او يغار من اي شخص يتزوجها
الناس ممكن تتفرج عليها لكن تتزوجها؟
الزواج غير