Wednesday, December 21, 2005

العندليب الأسمر

What a sad day!
Our parking lot is closed.
Construction work for the new National Library has officially begun and soon we will be exiled to one of the most horrific buildings in Kuwait.

I'm supposed to meet up with a friend later today, but I feel like ditching her.
All I wanna do is go home, stay in bed and wait for the Saddam trial.

Everything here brings back something.. I want to move out of Kuwait for a while.
Wish me that.. or amnesia.

أغنية اليوم: لو كنت يوم أنساك


Broke said...

مو متأكدة اذا كنتي معاي على نفس الخط ولا لأ
لكن شفينا كلنا نبي نسافر و نقب .. المشكلة ان حتى لو سافرنا راح نمشي و نغني:
كل زين أشاهده و انتم بعيد منوتي ليتك معي

A7sam shay el Amnesia

bo_ghazi said...

Thanks for the song :)

nanonano said...

انا لي الحين ما قريت الموضوع....بس من قريت العنوان شهقت....عبدالحليم له مكانته الخاصه عندي...يلا الحين بقرا و أسمع الأغنيه....شكرا

The Don ® said...

Broke, it’s the time of the year where we all want to be in our ultimate happiness when that second flips to zero on the first day of the year.. and being here stuck doing our routine day to day things makes us depressed.. I too planned a great trip to go and lift up my spirit when walking around a place with Christmas decorations, and the lights, and the kids around, and the candy, and the love in the air.. then comes that new year eve where I would be doing something special and memorable..

But reality hits me in the face, finish your freakin project and do what ever you want.. no travel for me.. no Christmas lights, nor Santa in a mall.. no special kiss on NYE while snowing, nor a blanket and a fire place..

Shurouq.. I hear ya sista..

Spontaneousnessity said...

heyy!!! when did you come back!!! tawni a3lam!

anyhow,.. YEY! =} you're back! wanasa! o bs

Papillona ® said...

If you're leaving, I'm leaving too

Jandeef said...

You're friend would be really upset if she knew you preferred Saddam's company over hers.

رشيد الخطار said...

7ayach.. I thought of that too.. But so far it's really boring, or wierd.. Just like ur first day at a new highschool!

7illlwa minik ..

On a separate note..
this verification thing before commenting (writing the letters) either has a problem or its me that needs major help! More than once aktib, wiygoli wrong!

ValenciaLover said...

Habeebti walla. I wish i had the money to offer you a nice vacation. How about i book a shalet in KHAIRAN for the weekend?
we can share that if you like. i mean i'll pay half of it but i won't come

Shurouq said...

وعد مني إذا سافرت ما أتحلطم ولا أغني فوق الأطلال

Bo Ghazi,
7ayyak Allah :)

عبد الحليم زايرني من يومين.. الله يرحمه آنا بعد أحبه

The Don,
Reality hit me hard too when I checked my bank account earlier today

heheh thank you babe :*

:( Yalla 3ala eedich

Don't worry.. My friends know I'm obsessed with Saddam

I can handle boring and weird
What should I pack?

(tara ana ba3ad killa ygooli wrong)

Valencia Lover,
:* Thanks a million
(but you know I boycotted Kheiran after that incident, don't you?)

A3sab said...

take me with you pleeeeeeze

Hanan said...

New year's knocking on our gates. Cheer up girl, 2006 will be a better year. XOXO

nazzal said...
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shosho said...

Move out of Kuwait!!!! Shda3wa!!!!!

Watch something more cheerful on TV and you will be fine :)

nazzal said...
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nazzal said...

shurouq cheer up

change your job for a better parking :) take a little risk .. its good .. you won't loose .. and at least you won't go hungry ..

leaving Q8 !! god knows how much i wished for it .. ma 3alaina .. its about you .. go for higher education .. its a piece of cake for u :) i can see that u are capable .. i know u can .. take the same risk in upper paragraph :)

رشيد الخطار said...

Pack something light.. Backpack and I'll take u in a ride through the desert -then mountains- to Oman! Take a dip in the sea.. Then go back to work :P

Alia said...

I've just left that horrific building, i really don't wanna go back there.

قلت لج من قبل نسوي مثل مسلسل الراية البيضا

وين تبين تروحين؟ لندن؟؟؟ بالسيارة؟؟

Reema said...

what If my smell illi ihya my smell reminds me of them? pls tell me which country can change the smell of my body so i dont remember them?..waaay ga3da akhoorah wayid..excuse my mood

AyyA said...

I think it’s the season’s bug; it seems to me that we all wish to leave the country for a while at this time of the year.

bugs bunny said...

Why do you want to move out of Kuwait? And where would you want to go?

Thanks for the song I've never heard it before

Brava Valentia said...

shurouq i dont really think you like the place u work in !, maybe u should search for another job, with nice building,salary,and surroundings. ?

Shurouq said...

Yalla dear, start packing

Next year ya3ni no more sea view office.. I can't cheer up

I came across H'sein Abdelrudha's new TV channel today. That'll do I'm sure :D

But I like my job and I don't see myself doing anything else for now..

Higher studies? Hmmm

I love road trips.. bes you had to ruin it with your last remark, didn't you? :/


Excusich ma3ach

It's good to know I'm not alone in this

Bugs Bunny,
Hmmm.. For new scenery?
Preferably some place I've never been to.
And you're welcome :)

Mouther Courage,
You're right, I don't like it, but I like my job

Flamingoliya said...

Dear Shurouq
welcome back *hugabuga*

Mama Fusla said...