Sunday, December 18, 2005

Morning, Cupcakes

I thought the tagging days are over, but I can't possibly say no to Kuwaiti Demon, can I?
My current desktop image is this:


An old picture of my younger brother N feeding the pigeons in London.. 1985 (I think)

Now tell me, what's the worst thing you did this year?


q80_demon said...

I like your desktop very much and your handsome brother has your looks.
About the worst thing I did this year (vs. the worst thing that happened to me?) … does spending summer without a vacation count?

bo_ghazi said...

Worst thing i did was taking my annual leave & spending it in Kuwait. I was sleeping most of the time :o

reema said...

having sex with an old lady

nanonano said...

رحت عزيمه مع زوجي...تحسفت أني رحتها و لي الحين محتره من نفسي ليش رحتها

AyyA said...

Worst thing I’ve done this year? Isolating myself form the society I guess, but I don’t feel bad about it, so it must be good then. Actually, I have done pretty well this year (comparatively). Thanks for bringing that to my attention :)
And your brother is a doll, alah yekhalih.

Anonymous said...

حبيت حبيت اللي ما يستاهل !

Gigi said...

Worst thing I did:

Started blogging again...

Gigi, contritely :(

Hussa-G said...

Cute guy

SheWrites said...

Gave him my heart. The fucking bastard.


Papillona ® said...


hmm worst thing.. worst thing.. worst thing.. It's all bad

Actually 2005 wasn't good at all..

snookie said...

hmm.. worst thing? man, this whole year was crappy.. :/
cute pic tho :)

ولاّدة said...

سؤال صعب
حاولت أحصر الأشياء السيئة التي قمت بها ...سواء حكم خاطيء...عصبية زايدة....كلمات حادة...لم أعرف أن أحدد أيها الاسوأ فتوقفت

أذكروا محاسن موتاكم ...السنة خلصت

السؤال لكِ
ما هو أجمل شيء قمت به خلال هذه السنة؟

بومريوم said...

أسوا شى السنه
حفرت ففره لمسؤلى بالدوام
و طلبونى للشهاده...قلت الصج
بس ذكرت أشياء كان موصينى ما اقولها:)

Broke said...

تعرفت على ناس مو كفو .. ما يستاهلون حتى ألتفت عليهم

Shurouq said...

Q80 Demon,
I guess that counts.
And.. you know how I look like?

Bo Ghazi,
That doesn't sound so bad..

And the mistake would be the age difference or the gender?

عزيمة بايخة لهالدرجة؟

:)Next year will be even better inshalla

Join the club


Hussa G,
Intay illy cute
and welcome here

3aaadi.. take it back and give it to the next bastard in line

:( laish?

Again, laish? :(

كلامك عدل

أجمل ما قمت به؟.. هممم

بو مريوم
أكيد مسؤولك يستاهل

Alia said...

the worst thing i did this year is : doing nothing, i feel like my life is going on for nothing, i need to do something useful.

so many thoughts in my mind but nothing that i can achieve.
em I so desparate??

طائر بلا أجنحة said...

getting back to kuwait after 8 years , and trying to start from ZERO AGIAN

رشيد الخطار said...

bidoon tafkeer.. Graduating while knowing I could've spent more time there..
Soal wallada 7ilo.. 3n ajmal shay.. Why be negative Shurouq?

reema said...

Shorouq..your question made me stare to the ceiling for more than 15 minutes..i just realized that i really cannot figure out what went wrong!!! age differense? or gender!!! if it was a guy with more 19 years difference would it work? if it was a girl but frm same generation would it work?? i really dont know..all what i know is that it was the worst thing that happened and GOD knows when i will be healed :(

Brava Valentia said...

i love 2005 . everything in it went very smooth and well il7emdilla , i've got my BA degree , started my MBA prog. got a nice job ! and had other good stuff too ;-p

i wish 2006 would be even better to all of us ;-)

AyyA said...

I know what the worst thing you’ve done this year; you abandoned US. But the best thing is when you returned :*

Muhammad Aladdin said...

ummmm..I think it's when I haven't continued my last maunscript (novel) till now..I was, and still, busy with other sorts of writing this year.
very nice pic by the way :)

guilty said...

i deliberately took off my hijab anf flirted with a happily married guy.. akthar men marra

Hanan said...

Worst thing this year: not making the most out of my year in Orlando, not spending enough time with Cecilia, not calling Kristin more often, missing Maya Angelou. OK that's not thing, more like things :P

Oh and I wish I was at the Nubian dance too :( And those guilt trips...they never stop do they?:)

Oh and weather was amazing for walking today. You missed it.

Eve said...

I followed the sound of reason.

Hanan said...

weird. i thought i posted already. ok here goes again.

worst thing(s) this year: not making the most out of my stay in Orlando, not seeing enough ot Cecilia, not calling Kristin more often, not catching Maya Angelou, not stopping when I was supposed to stop.

Alia. Aren't O and B accomplishments enough girl. You're doing a great job with them (and with Y too for that matter:)

I feel like having a real xmas this year (could it be that song? or those xmas gifts i see everywhere?)

Hanan said...

lol. seems i posted before after all :) oh well. i needed to add that Alia comment anyway. And listing my worst things again aint that bad really.

Baroque said...

-trusted people who lied to me..
-loved people that didn't love me..
-was honest with people who hid things from me..
-was friends with people who were not my friends..
-did not do everything i planned to do..

apart from that, i did well ;P

bora bora said...

I gained a lot of weight, but im on diet now ;p

Shurouq said...

Wafa's Bra Factory idea doesn't sound so bad. Eshrayich?

عاش من شافك
Welcome home and good luck

Sorry, Rasheed
آنا ويني ووين ولادة بنت المستكفي؟
But I promise I'll cut down on the negativeness

What was the best thing you did this year?

I hear that time heals everythig.

Mouther Courage,
Alf congrats :D
You go girl


Don't beat yourslef up over it.. You'll get back to it soon.

I'm sorry you're feeling guilty..
& I'm not one to pass moral judgments
Feel better :)

Hmm.. are you meeting up with Cecilia and Kristin on your next visit?
And sorry I missed last night's walk

Eve :*
Is it too late to take the next U-turn?

Hehehe... You did well allright
You live, you learn

Bora Dear,
I'm gaining weight too :/

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Shurouq said...
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Emmanuel Damiani said...

Quite agreed.

Talisman said...

what an ugly bastard..looks iraqi by the way.