Thursday, December 15, 2005

Celebrating Nubia

Nubian Band Beyond Awsome!
With their white gowns, turbans, and slippers.. Using drums, rababas, hand claps, frying pans, and vocals as their instruments, their melodies and rhythms were so moving I couldn't sit still.
(H, I wish you were there)

The highlight of their show was the Tannoura dance.

That guy kept spinning and spinning for over 4 minutes.. I know my mom would faint just watching him.



Ok I had to bring Mom up coz she kinda ruined my fun :(

She calls at 9:30, as I was walking to my car..


آنا: هلا يما

أمي: طلعتوا؟

آنا: توني طالعة

أمي: تيين بيت خالك؟

آنا: لا يما مالي خلق.. بروح البيت

أمي: اي مري شوية وبعدين روحي

آنا: يمه آنا بالدسمة، أطق درب لي سلوى و بعدين أرد الجابرية.. ما تسوى

أمي: اليوم الخميس.. يعني ما وراك شي

آنا: اي بس تدرين فيني هالأيام ما أسهر

أمي: من قال لك سهري.. تعالي نص ساعة وامشي

آنا: يما مالي خلق

أمي بعد تنهيدة: الحين منو أهم خالاتك وبنات خالاتك والا هالفرقة؟

آنا: مو سالفة منو أهم.. بس خالاتي موجودين على طول، الفرقة مرة بالسنة

أمي بنبرة حادة: كيفك.. هذا مو شي جديد

آنا: اي ليش تعصبين؟


آي.. سكرت الخط بوجهي

Sleep tight, kids.


Gigi said...


Hahaha shurouq, if you were around some people when that happened, do you ever do the 'pretend closure' by saying "ok... bye..." even though the line is dead before you hang up too?? Hahahaha

Gigi, confessionally

P.S. welchum welchum back 6o ze blogging and ze bos6ing and ze madness

Яeema said...

walking around the blogs

Jelly Belly said...

The band sounds like it was fun.
your conversation with your mom reminded me of my phone calls with my mom back home, the minute it turns 9:30 and I'm not home teshte`3al al walada phone calls...wainich ta'akhartay! 9:30 3indaha adree shsawee eb 3omeree when I'm in Kuwait! I'm 27 years old and I'll still have a curfew!

Purgatory said...

are your aunts like the witches from eastwick?

Ms.Baker said...


LOL! I hear you! I hate struggling with the guilt of being so "selfish" after situations like these...

...And the Nubians are amazing. I had a fascination with their culture, history, and music a long time ago. So entrancing :)


Shurouq said...

Hahahahahaha thanks for the idea.. I'll try it next time.

7ayyach allah :)

Jelly Belly,
I'm almost 30 I don't have a curfew bes giving me the guilt trip is her favorite game :(

Shdarrak??? :P

Aren't they?
I think their culture is way underestimated :/

Q80-Chill Girl said...

It looks like it was very nice :} wish i could have been there, btw how can i get the schedule for the events in Al-Grain's cultural Fest.?

LOL! I hear you sis! infact tuesday mother swt le salfa mn wla shai :} about the issue of prefering family or friends (in my case) at a time that i was not very importaint to be there! its so funny how they over react


SAAAAME HERE but mom starts calling 8:30 so that even if I was in the faaaaarest place around I will be home by 9 or 9:30 LOL! unless ofcourse there is a big BUS accident that blocked the road on us & we were stuck in traffic :> this is my trick every time & she knows am fooling around, doesnt work ;p but it makes the zaffa a little less painfull

q80_demon said...

Hello Shurouq!
I recommend Leni Riefenstahls books on Africa and especially her “Last of the Nuba”.
Oh, and you’ve been tagged!

Shurouq said...

Q80 Chill Girl,
Hala walla :*
Here's the schedule

Q80 Demon,
I haven't read any of her books but I absolutely love her photography.
Is she still alive by the way?

nanonano said...

أنا باعرف ليش الأمهات يعصبون و ياخذون موقف منا لما ما نروح....و التشرّه من الأقارب....وينش...زين شفناش...من وين طالعه الشمس...أي أنا وحده مو حليوه...شنو أسوي بعمري

Alia said...

H !?!?!?!? no comment

يومها كسرتي خاطري
& i kinda told her you always do that, ma yseer, you should say bye, but you know i can't say more than that, she'll get pissed at me too.
bas didn't you get used to it? (I'm still not though).

plus, it wasn't that fun, & i'm so sad i missed the nubian band, next time force me to go with you, khalas you're my boss in such things.

Alia said...

another thing: I (very much) hate the guilt game too.

Shurouq said...

Nano :*
لا تسوين شي.. آنا بعد "مو حليوة" ومو ناوية أصير حليوة

Oops.. I meant H as in.. Hanan?

And I knew it wouldn't be fun.. too crowded for my taste.

AyyA said...

I'm glad you had fun, regardless of your mother :)

Anonymous said...

Baby it was Thursday, not Friday
Yor mom must've said:
اليوم خميس
بكرة الجمعة

Glad you had fun. Going to al Rashed's tonight?

Shurouq said...

Thanks, Ayya
I did :)

Hehe you're right I'll fix it
And no, I'm not

q80_demon said...

Riefenstahls books contain her Nuba and Africa photography. Sadly she died a couple of years ago shortly after her 101 birthday.