Saturday, February 18, 2006

الحمد لله عظيم الشان

This song came on the radio..

...قال ايه؟ قال

هذي بلاد تطلب المعالي
تسابق الأيام والليالي
*لكي يصير الشعب لل

I’ve been avoiding local news for the last few days. Haven't you all had it with Al Khinna and his Waseela, the municipal elections, the Stock Market, Al Taleea, & Al Jasem’s not-so-fiery-anymore articles.
Yes, I’m boycotting Sa7at al Safat among other blogs too. And guess what? My hair looks healthier already.
I say give it up, people.. Alshyookh are no doubtingly abkhas.
On a personal level, I’ve been called ‘passive’ non-offendingly.
It’s true.
Even when I do decide to take a stand, my stand would be not to take one.
On a personal level, I don’t really mind my passiveness.
كمال قمازي من قيادات الجبهة الإسلامية للإنقاذ.. قلت أحط صورته لأنه حبوب ويستاهل ولأنه ليش لأ *


Anonymous said...

Heh good for you kiddo

Jandeef said...

Sahat Alsafat loves you too ;)

kila ma6goog said...

من رديت من لندن و كل ما أحط محطة الغناء العربي و أنا أنغث من أغانيهم السخيفة

والله درينا انكم تبايعون خلاص فكونا , أغاني ماكو لحن و لا كلمات مثل الأوادم

شي ثاني لفت نظري اليوم بالقبس أن قبيلة شمر و السهو حاطين اعلانات يقولون فلان أو قبيلة فلان ما تصيرلنا

مادري والله أضحك و الا أبجي

Papillona ® said...

ياختي وش ذا البلا؟؟؟

الشيوخ أبخص
الشيوخ أب خص

Don't ask

shosho said...

Sharooqa, I have a delicate question:

How did you manage to look at Kamal Qamazi's picture and retain your hair?

nice said...

الواحد اذا مل يترك مشاهدة الامور الي تكدر ليما يتغير موده وترجع ريما لعادتها القديمة

Shurouq said...

I think I know who you are :)

The green fairy got me ending the boycott.. And that wink of yours helped too ;)

كله مطقوق
السهو حطوا إعلان يقولون ما عندهم فخذ.. عدل كلامهم، لأن بس ساديا لديها ذلك

As long as you stay in touch babe :*

زيت سمسم وصابون رقي

وعيبي إني بسرعة أرجع

Anonymous said...

you betcha ;)

Shurouq said...


Devilish said...

qal alsha3r, "d3 alayam tf3al ma tsh2o...." someone ! somebody ! i forgot the rest !

Shurouq said...

وطب نفسا إذا حكم القضاء
ولا تجزع لحادثة الليالي ، فما لحوادث الدنيا بقاء

الإمام الشافعي

وحيا الله أهل عمان

Dr.Lost said...

i have no clue what u r talkin about.. shisalfa?

Shurouq said...

Dr. Lost,
السالفة وما فيها إن الأغاني الوطنية في التوقيت الخطأ تصير كوميدية

وإن كمال أكيد بعين أمه غزال

Q said...

Shurouq, atkhayyal shaklich now sitting with ur legs folded doing yoga and meditating o drinking green tea...ya3ny basically sayra maryam noor without any politics

Shurouq said...

The closest I've come to meditating are my regular visits to Chocolate Bar.. Legs folded of course and heater on.

Dr.Lost said...

next post in eglish plz ;p

Shurouq said...

Dr. Lost,
Next post in Swahili inshalla

Anonymous said...

passive is good and healthy given the current circumstances.. and akbar daleel your hair 3ala golek seems healthy so seriously stay this way walla walashay/wala77ad yswa..

I should start being passive from now on.. although I often hear myself saying "6ozzain" when deep down id be furious... my older sister thinks i should take anger management workshops (are they considered workshops or is it actual therapy?)

My physician told me that I have been producing too much adrinalin and that I'm at a high risk of getting a stroke in my 40s. Don't you just love an honest physician?

I think I should go to Koh Samui and watch the migrating sharks.. apparently it's the season right now.

Hanan said...

I've been avoiding the blog addition too for a while, not intentionally thought, I've been busy.
Now that the semester started I can get back into it :) Missed many of your blogs meanwhile so anything interesting happened while I was gone?

Alia said...

للأسف ماكو شعب كامل ، إلا آنا عاد كاملة والكامل الله

المهم ان الله يخليك حق كمال(طيب وحبوب ويدش القلوب) ويخلي كمال حقج ... عاد مو تنسين تعزمينا على العرس

Zaydoun said...

When I saw the headline/title I thought you meant

الحمد لك يا عظيم الشان.. يا عالم السر والجهر

آآآه على صوت عالية حسين، والله يسامح أبوها اللي حرمنا من صوتها

Shurouq said...

Koh Samui!
Can I tag along?

I recommend

بعدنا مختلفين على العقد.. كمال يبيه سني حنبلي وآنا مصرة يكون عقدنا شيعي جعفري

احتمال نعقد بلاس فيغاس كحل وسط

I didn't know her dad is behind it :/
حسافة عليها

Life according to... said...

hmm..maybe the new minister will carry al 6oweel's torch and continue the legacy of making al khenna's life more miserable??
who am I kidding! I have more chances meeting my fairy godmother than this happening!

Dr.Lost said...

affaaaaaaaaaaa :( ma tiswa 3alay indigart ;p ya3ni why cant put it in arabic and english for those who cant or lets say hate readin arabic? ;p

Shurouq said...

Life according to..,
Welcome to blogland and thanks for stopping by :)

Dr. Lost,
What are YOU talking about? :)
The post is written in English 'cept fot two lines!
Plus, you are Kuwaiti, right? (That Edward Norton pic is not fooling anyone)
Arabic is supposed to be your first language :P

Hashemy said...

ana agool daggaaaat el chooby el 64 kelehom baye3aw kel shay mn ghair ta3leeq 7eta law tabonhom ebay3on 3ala ga6at ro7hom mn ederesha bs ethelon bamakenhom ham bebay3on inzain khalas

etha el wa7ed fe hal balad lazem yaghsel eeda mn el seyasa aqalha el faan la yentelef bel tv o radio weblaje2 3a6efy!!

thanks 3al mawthoo3 :)

Life according to... said...

Thank you shouroq :) Juat trying to do my best here :P

balah said...

اسفين على التطفل بس انا بلا وصديقتي نيله ندعوكم لزيارة بلوجنا اليديد

حياكم الله