Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Magical Number 7

Tagged by two fellow bloggers: Bu Sale7 and Hashemy..
Sorry for the delay, guys
7 things to do before I die:
1. Pursue painting
2. Start my own publishing house
3. Own property in Kuwait
4. Japan

5. Vote for a true liberal candidate (preferably with communist tendencies) in the Kuwaiti parliamentary elections.
6. Have a baby or 12
7. Go blonde

7 things I cannot do:
1. Cook
2. Tell a joke.
3. Apply eye makeup.
4. Chit chat on the phone.
5. Sing
6. Move on – Move out – Move in
7. Hmm.. Tie a sailor’s knot?

7 things I say:
1. Pasta?
2. أفاا
3. أبي أروح البحر
4. حبي الوحيد
5. Listen, I don’t think I can make it
6. هلا
7. الله يعزهم

7 books I have loved:
1. Hanif Kurishi’s Intimacy
2. Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things
3. طوق الحمامة لابن حزم الأندلسي
4. الأعمال الشعرية الكاملة لأمل دنقل
5. Sartre’s The Roads to Freedom trilogy
6. له حصة في الولع لقاسم حداد
7. وردة لصنع الله إبراهيم

7 films I have loved:
1. Reservoir Dogs - Tarantino
2. المومياء – شادي عبد السلام
3. Talk To Her - Pedro Almodovar
4. Il Postino - Michael Radford
5. صمت القصور – مفيدة التلاتلي
6. Gods and Monsters - Bill Condon
7. Marmoulak - Kamal Tabrizi

7 things that attract me:
1. Kids
2. The beach
3. Europe
4. Dark Chocolate
5. Music
7. Colors

And now I leave you to Ani DiFranco's Untouchable Face


ScarlO said...

Yay, first one to comment!

a baby or twelve? have them as in have them or have them as in adopt them? Blonde's not so nice -no offence- I mean, you've got all these horrible jokes told about blondes..

What do you mean you can't tell a joke?

Ms.Baker said...


Ah, dark chocolate, kids, the sea, أفاا , and guys with a sense of humor...

Yup, I can definitely relate to those :)

Allah ya36eech il-babies soon inshallah :) bes I will wish you only 3-4 not 12, otherwise you will have to go grey, not blonde....and bankrupt too, LOL!

MsB, who is full of admiration for you :)

NuNu™ said...

"Listen, I don’t think I can make it"

Yeah I do say that whenever I feel like "Mali 5elg" =/

MiYaFuSHi said...

I hate hearing number 5 :<

Emikweesta said...

صمت القصور – مفيدة التلاتلي

A wonderful movie :)

Bu 6ubar said...

lets see..
Pursue painting and Japan's on me. No. 5 of things you can't do and things you say are very true. And the "him" should link your readers to my picture instead of that loser Ferrel.

SH64 said...
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SH64 said...

"7. Go blonde" : Yeah go for it , you have my support! actually.. mallina mn el brunettes :P

"1. Cook" : thats normal .. i never met a Kuwaiti girl who can cook . so you're not alone in this one :)

Anonymous said...

I'll tag along if you go to Japan

bo_sale7 said...

nice post >>>>and its ok for beeing delay ...:)

رشيد الخطار said...

Marmoulak wayd imda7ooli iyah.. I dont know where to find it though..

Anonymous said...

may all you wish for come true

jashanmal said...

can you put حبي الوحيد in a sentence?
ashwa I aint the only one who cant chit chat on the phone :P

neelaah said...

زورونا عندنا موضوع يونس

Alia said...

A BIG YES for "Pursue painting.

& about starting your own publishing house, well that's news for me, but where the hell our project stand??? i'm mad

SING .... you mean you can't sing , i doubt it!!!

& finally, HIM?!?!?!?! really, you don't like Sawyer but you like him ... shame on you girl

Broke said...

Dear Shurouq ..

Can u plz tell me where I can find Qassim Hadad's books ?
I read most of them on his site .. but I'm dying 2 get a real book !

Anonymous said...

I must say new to bloggs ..but i consider you one of the top funniest bloggers not under estimate your self : )

i_live_in_Q8 said...

I Pray day and night you'd get 12 kids!

Shurouq said...

Hello Scarlo,
'Have' as in conceive and deliver :)..
I don't think adoption is an option here.

And my jokes never come out funny..
بالعربي، دمي ثقيل

:* Ms. Baker
3-4 ne3ma.. Thank you

Kaslaaana :P

Don't make friends with Nunu from upstairs :)


Bu 6ubar,
Your friends are honking.

I'd say you haven't met many :P

يشرفني ويسعدني
التيكيت علينا والفيزا عليك

Bo Sale7,
هذا من ذوقك

Pass me your address and I'll send you a copy.

That was very sweet. Thank you :)

"7ubbi elwa7eed, you're stepping on my foot"
"You smell like kabab, 7ubbi elwa7eed"
"7ubbi elwa7eed, who the hell is Jenny (or Nora, or Sebeecha)?"

أخم الحوش وأسقي الزرع وأصلي المغرب وأنيم اليهال، تالي أمركم

Sawyer Shmawyer.. he's too blonde and too southern for my taste thank you
As for our project, I'll borrow your neseeb's line:
سويلي دراسة جدوى

Broke dear,
Try Qurtas, I'm sure they have some of his books.

Anonymous :)
You have just squished me. Thanks for leaving a comment.

I live in Kuwait
Merci :)

Broke said...

Shurouq ..

I went 2 Dar Qurtas a month ago .. They only have
ليس بهذا الشكل و لا بشكل آخر .. شريته.. بس مو هذا اللي ابيه

I tried other book stores too ham makoo ..

حتى يوم أروح البحرين قبل 3 أسابيع ما حصلت شي !

Tara said...

شنو هالحجي ؟؟
I tagged you here

but u were not blogging at that time.
I'll tag you again in the next few days ;) so be ready !
بعدين ارجع اعلق لان هسة مستعجلة
have a good day sweetie.

zeecu said...


I translated the lyrics of a Brazilian song, and turns out that 'Madrugada' = dawn..or shurooq.

Just thought I'd pass by, sound intellectual, and pass the knowledge.

I'll now leave quietly.

Shurouq said...

hehe Zeecu
Madrugada al magrooda
How about that for a nick name?

nice said...

كل الامور الي تعجبج او ودج تسوينها بصوب واعجابج بفلم ترانتينو رزفوار دوغز بصوب
انت دموية
نادر ما اسمع احد شاف الفلم انا شفته صدفة بلندن عجبني الفلم بس كله دمامين
ذوقج عجيب :)

Jelly Belly said...

I've seen Talk to Her...very interesting movie...but the scene that cracked me up is when the little man trys to please his lover in a very intriguing way ;)