Monday, May 29, 2006

Do You See Khamsa On The Horizon?

I wanted this post's title in orange but didn't know how to do it.
Thanks go to Bora Bora and Purgatora

Tired, filsless, lovless, and bummed out!

Day four and I'm only on chapter 2!

Book isn't so bad but I can't bring myself to finish it.

Is it too early to retire?

Oh, and I'm gaining weight ba3ad.


Why am I posting this picture you ask? Because I can.

أغنية اليوم قديمة وثورية شوي: إني اخترتك يا وطني، فليتنكّر لي زمني، ما دمت ستذكرني

I was late for work today.


Fouzan said...


bora bora said...

If you can edit your html file, add this code around your title :

<font color=ff6600> khamsa </font>

المفروض يلوّن تايتلج

لماّ قلت حق زميلي أبي أتقاعد ، قاللي ولا يهمج أدبرلج تقاعد مرضي سعره 3000 دينار


sup said...

hey shosho. ur pic reminds me of.. hmmm i;m 24 and i still suck my thumb...

Spicy Pepper said...

I hope to see Khamsa on the horizon :) i just hope the 29 stick to thier agenda! Love the pic.

Spontaneousnessity said...

laish tetqa3edain! I would recommend change career bs retire?? life would be so boring =/

Papillona ® said...

Tired too
not filsless yet
and boy am I luvless

I don't see you retired :/

Gaining? How bout cucumber and water?

Ofcours you can!

Note: I saw the naked woman walking in Jabria. Was it a strike against the hot weather?

Note 2: I missed you

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I see it but it's blurry!

kila ma6goog said...

3ala 6ary el ketab, for 3 months am reading a book called "10 days MBA"

khair enshalla 10 days!

good luck :)

Shurouq said...


Bora Bora
إذا عندي 3000 الحين آخذهم واروح لندن

وشكرا جزيلا على المساعدة :*

I'm just hoping you don't do that in public!

Spicy Pepper
Your profile pic is very.. hmm.. inviting :)

Life wold be boring?
Maybe and maybe not.

That naked woman wasn't me I swear on Yasmeen's curls.

I see money.. lots of it.
And I see intekhabat far3iya.

Still seeing orange in my dreams though.

Kila Ma6goog
Thanks :/

Hanan said...

Yes I think I will see a Roman khamsa on the near horizon. Say around 6:30 at AlFanar.

Arfana said...


فليتنكر لي زمني ما دمت ستذكرتني

وبما ان النفسيات مو شي.. دعوة لمدونتي

NuNu™ said...

Are you pregnant?

nazzal said...

The baby
شفاف :) من كثر ماهو بريء

loveless ;
حشر مع الناس عيد

Tired, filsless, and bummed out!
change the seen , take a chance with a zest of risk
and dark Rum :))

Retire !!!!!
بعدين ، مو بس يزيد وزنك ... لا.. ومقاسك يصير
14 US , 16 UK , 44 France , 48 Italy
Japan 17 ;(

Alia said...

filsless endeed

i was just talking about it yesterday with hubby .. wish i could do it now & start my own business (which appearently is never ever gonna happen)

& gaining weight?
I wonder why?

ScarlO said...

What are you reading?!

*shakes head disapprovingly*

That's worse than Danielle Steele!


Get some Purgatory books, for .. Purg's sake.

Shurouq said...

Pick me up before you go go

ولو اني مو شريبة قهوة.. بس يصير أتعذر بأني كتبت الكلمات قبل لا أشرب
my morning coffee?

حامل بس ليلحين ما ندري منو الأم

لا تضيق خلقي :(

Thanks to your killer chocolate muffins you evil witch of second floor.

Book is work related.. moo b'kaifi :'(

(and it really isn't that bad)

Papillona ® said...

LOL - I believe you

nazzal said...

لا يبه ما عاش إللي يضيق خلقك

i meant why retire
go 4 a career that is challenging
that brings an adrenaline rush from time to time
and don't forget the low calorie MJITO :)

bo_ghazi said...

"حامل بس ليلحين ما ندري منو الأم"

LoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoL :p
Back to ur post.. Do I see khamsa in the horizon, No. I see 25. I also see 50 MP's running the country in a way where we'll remember "Waleed Al3saimy" as a good member compared to them.... bs still, this doesn't mean we'll give up. Working with the current good candidate 3alla wa 3asa yi6la3 mihom cham wa7ed :)

shosho said...

Spend less money on food, in this case you will save extra cash and lose weight.

Once you lose weight your love life will improve, if not you can always use the money you've saved and the info you gained from the book you're reading and start your own business.

Once you start your own bussiness, you can retire.

Simple, moo?

(practical orange-fairy)

AyyA said...

Right now I see a very faded khamsa, and I’m disappointed and sad with all what’s going on, wana see an example? Check SS.

Soud said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Arfana said...


I'm just picking on you like you pick on my Arabic :-)

I think congratulations are in order?? :-)

Mini Я. said...

Book looks interesting. *yawns*

I'm tired too, filsless because the stupid da3m il3amala DIDNT register me so bag3ad 3 months 3al 7adeeda.

You need the weight, want some of mine?

That baby looked a lot like you when you were younger..

Let's retire & live the rest of our natural lives on some exotic island, how's that? ;)

sup said...

u know wat .. i did that once.. but i didnt mean too.. i was not kiddin.. we all have issues

BuJwais said...

Do I see five on the horizon? I think I see something more like a "wa7da" on the horizon (with 2 votes per voter), especially after the Emir himself hinted at it in the interviews. But who knows.

They definetely don't want to make it look like any change in the number of constituencies was a result of orange popular pressure, so the aim is to try and show that 5 isn't so "just" afterall, which in turn make them look like the "justice league" when they introduce the "wa7da" with 2 votes and promote it as the end to all human misery.

I think I need to take a nap and it's "dizziyingly" hot outside...

kwtia said...

No such thing as too early to retire..take it from someone who knows..

Talisman said...

Your father running for the parlement and you are filsless !!! filsless MY ASS, and thats one ugly bastard in the making.

kuwaiti-jeans said...

شروق أول مرة أترك تعليق مع إني تقريباكل يوم أزور مدونتج، بس مرسيل ذكرني باللي مضى ، كان يبيلج أيام حفلة سينما الأندلس قبل الإحتلال ، :) تحياتي

ModmenQ8 said...

نعم الخمسة دوائر في الطريق و يستاهل العم بومحمد ...مع اطيب تمنياتي

آتُوني ذخيرَة أحبـــــــاري .... وسأحشـــــو الباقي مِن قَلمي
في وجة ثلاث طواغيــــتٍ .... مانفكت تسخـــرُ من ألـــمــــي
وسأبنـــــي اهرامَ الحـــقِ .... ليتوج سعــــــدونٌ هــــــــــرمي
لأكون سعيدا في وطنـي .... لن ارضَـــــــــخَ لن اخذُل عَلمي

لــم احملَ في قلبي غلاً .... ما كانــت تسمحُـلـي قِيَمــــي
لكنَــــــــك لم تحفــــظ وداً .... ونكئـــتَ الشــعبَ الملـتـئــــمِ
ظُلِمْـــنا دهـــــراً وسكتــنا .... واليـــــوم اتيــــــنا لننتـــقـــــمِ
اصدرنـــا حكـــماً يا هــــذا .... ونـــرى اعـــــدام الــمــتــهــــمِ

يا هذا شكراً من قلبــــي .... شـكـــــري موصـــولٌ للـــعـــدمِ
نـفـعــتَ القومَ بلا وعـــيٍ .... ودفعــتَ الشعـــــبَ ليلتحـــــــمِ
واليـوم قد انـبلـــــجَ الحقُ .... بشبابٍ قد شحـــــذَ الهـــمــــمِ
بشباب قد طلبَ الخمسَ .... و لأجل الخمسة يعتصـــــــــــمِ ...

المخلص طروق الخطيب

Anonymous said...

Talisman, check spelling.

BuJwais said...

If you want to take a short break from politics, 7ayyakom at the spot to discuss something so silly that you will wonder how one can waste time typing it! But alas, the mind needs a break, and silly talk is just fun and liberating sometimes :). 7ayyakom if you have nothing better to do :).

Shurouq said...

I'm not up for a challenging career.
I've had it with work and deadlines and upper management.


Bo Ghazi
الشمس من وين طالعة؟
نورت الجابرية

آنا بعد مو شايفة الخمس.. ومو شايفة انتخابات نظيفة.. ولا مجلس مبشّر.. ولا قيادة تبي الإصلاح

بس أملي كبير بالشباب.. وعسى الله لا يخيب أملهم

Shosho.. My favorite orange/green fairy
Yours are always the most insightful and perceptive comments.

Thank you :*

I follow the guys' posts religiously (Rasheed, Jandeef, and Mubtadi' are my heroes), but I try to avoid the comments section these days.
It's getting ugly over there.

Fair enough :) We're even.

(Congratulations?? On what?)

Mini Unrecognized Data

And no, I don't need the extra weight thank you.

"We all have issues"
Very true.

Bu Jwais
You're seeing "wa7da" now???
The heat got to your head? :P

Tell me more tell me more

I'll pass your regards to dad.

Kuwaiti Jeans
كل يوم؟ :) يا بختي

وبعدين.. احم.. آنا مواليد أواخر
الثمانينيات إلى منتصف التسعينيات (انتي اختاري).. ما أوعى على حفلات مسرح الأندلس

ModmenQ8 طروق الخطيب
انشالله الخمسة وكل الخطوات الإصلاحية في الطريق بفضل الشباب

وصح لسانك

meWHO! said...

I love Marseel Khaleefah and his band..i use to listen to that song almost every day on my way to work last year...Nice :)

Mini Я. said...

yallah..pack up. i'll get the raft ready & lets hope the ocean current takes us to the right place.

BuJwais said...

لا تفهميني غلط شروق :)، يمكن الشمس فعلا إكفَخَت إب راسي على قولتج، بس أنا كل اللّي قصدته إن الحكومة (برأيي) إذا قلّصت الدوائر إن شاء الله، فهي راح تحاول تقلصها بصورة مختلفة عن اللّي طلبناه، عشان لا نستانس ونحس إن حَنّتنا أدت إلى استماعهم ألى مطالبنا

العوامل اللّي خلتني أظن هذا الظن هو الترويج الفجائي اللّي يانا بعد حل المجلس، واللّي يقول إن خمستنا مو عادلة ("كليماكس" الفلم كان التمثيل العجيب اللي قامت فيه الجماعة الزرقاء تطالب بالعدالة والمساواة، وكأن إحنا ما كان هدفنا التقليص لتحقيق ولو شيئ من العدالة). يعني فجأة حولونا من مطالبين بالإصلاح إلى ناس ما تهتم بالعدالة

العامل الثاني مثل ما ذكرت هو ما نوه إليه الأمير لمن قال شي بمعنى "أنا قلت دائرة وحدة وصوتين أحسن" ، والذي أيضا انضم إليه بعض نواب التمثيل إلّي كانو أصلا معارضين التقليص بالبداية

تشاؤم من صوبي؟ يمكن! و قد يكون "رِيالِتي تِشك" على قولتهم. بس أحب أوضح أن هذا مو معناته أني بطّلت أو هوّنت عن الخمس. مازلنا متمسكين إن شاء لين الله يفرجها. بس لازم ما نستهين بذكاء الحكومة

nazzal said...


kwtia said...

No getting stuck in traffic or having to resist being a total ass who, in a fit of insanity, drives her totally ridiculous family sized clunky car off road and onto the pavement just to get out of the standstills.
No deadlines and no Friday night 'oh rats, I forgot to write that report the boss wants in the morning, and what else is new?' panicky jitters.
Time for things I don't do but can just be satisfied knowing that they are now midday yoga classes..morning walks(lots of sunscreen)..a morning swim..sleeping in..reading whatever you want and not feeling guilty that it's not work related reading..Time to think and breathe and gain perspective and choose what it is you can really give to this planet and what you really want to learn from it. And of course havihg some cash saved (and social security paid up) for crazy and freeing decisions like that is always a plus..and knowing that having a roof over your head and food on your plate is really quite amazing..everything else is either a blessing or an indulgence, it's about choosing which you prefer.
That's a bit of early retirement news.

Anonymous said...

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