Thursday, June 01, 2006

Missing Pepsi

You’d think religious leaders would be fighting electoral corruption.. Maybe a few fatwas on buying votes and tribal primary elections?
How about that, Dr. Tabtabai?
It’s pizza day and I shall abide.

A margarita from Pasta Mania


This blog was supposed to remain an underground venture.
How do I blabber about my "numerous boyfriends"* knowing that dad (BuMuhammad) and boss (BuSaleh) read it? (Not to mention BuOmar and BuTalal and God knows who else..)


Sinead O'Conner's No Man's Woman

الأغنية ومعاها بوسة، إهداء لعميد كلية الشريعة.. مركز هداية شباب الجامعة


That's all.. I'm not feeling very well. Good night and enjoy your weekend.


*I exaggerate of course, they're "numerable".


kila ma6goog said...

ساكنة جابرية و تاكلين باسطا مينيا؟

يبا بابا جونز و بس


طلبي الجكن ستربس
و البريد ستكس
و ثن كرست بيدزا

يم يمي

Brava Valentia said...

عسى ماشر كلة مالك خلق ؟

سافري لبنان يومين غيري جو

والا طلعي بحر ترا طلعة البحر تونّس

hope you feel better soon ;*

Anonymous said... change your mood
& feel better..try visiting election campaign diwaniyaaaas..try al-roumi place in sheab,,,His people are toooooo friendly and are mixtures from all kuwait society ..i am sure you will find one of your family well

nazzal said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
nazzal said...

البيززا إللي بالصوره كلش ما تشهي
Sinead O'Conner
ألذ من أي بيزا ، حتى إللي ب
خصوصا وهي معصبه
& sheez hot when giving the finger

Purgatory said...

Yah how could you orange one?

Alia said...

pizza looks yummy
If i knew u ordered pizza I would've sent beedo to eat with u
he kept saying: abi bidda

& hehehheheh
وعلى الباغي تدور الدوائر
مثل ما كنتي تحوسين تدورين البلوغرز عشان تكتشفينهم .. الحين يا دورج وصاروا كل الناس يقرونلج ويعرفون منو إنتي

so لا مفر

BuJwais said...

إي والله صاج بوسلمى. ما في سبب يخلي الواحد ياكل بيتزا غير بابا جونز بالجابرية، ولو أني أعتقد أن "عيينتهم" أختربت شوي صايرة مو مثل أول ما فتحوا

شلون "فيلا بيتزا" صج؟ منو جرّبها؟

Shurouq said...

Bu Salma
بابا جونز آنا اللي مربحتهم
يعني لا توصي

بس حبيت أغير

Mother Courage
اي والله مادري شفيني

And thank you dear :*

Al Roumi signs are my favorite so far :) And just yesterday I heard that one of my relatives is working with him.

الله يوفقه يستاهل كل خير

لا والله البيتزا كانت زينة

شنيد حلوة بس مخها شوي ضارب


Tara ako leftovers if Beedo's still 7inning..

Bu Jwais
آنا معاك.. بابا جونز كانت بيتزتهم أحلى

Anonymous said...


Hope you feel better.

Weekend sucks.

Papillona ® said...

so are you going to censor your posts from now on?

UzF said...

Too many Bu`s read your personal website.. ;/

خالد من العديلية said...

مو خوش أخبار اللي سمعناها اليوم

أكيد ما باذنه ماي؟؟

ZORT said...

Who is Pepsi??

Salamat..hope you feel better :-)

ZORT said...

...oh, and I had a brilliant weekend! Wicked! :-P

A3sab said...

Salamat hope your feeling better today...

Shurouq said...

Mini R
You can say that again!

My posts have always been somewhat censored.
I think I might be a conservative at heart.

Yes, Uzf
Way too many :/
Any suggestions?

Pepsi weld Cola..
The soft drink? :)

وبالعافية عليك الويك اند.. عسى دوم مستانس

Thanks dear.. much better today :*

Spontaneousnessity said...

hehehe walla il 3atheem =}

Soud said...

hmmm what interesting info!

write it in davinci code :D

Q said...

7ajjiyaaa!! Uve always represented ur name very well .... dont feel down, ur our own light in the break of dawn in the blogworld ... Its a new day! Smile and keep shurouqing! ;P

Anonymous said...


Hope you feel better.

Weekend sucks.

(repeated by popular request.)


luloo said...

very good question.

jashanmal said...


أمحق أمحق وش ذا الحكي يا بنت الجابرية أثرك تكذبين علي طول هالمده

Erzulie said...

Ah no don't censor your posts...What is there to censor anyway? It's not as if you mention your work or such...
I came across Al 6ab6oba'e's (his name is so hard to spell dammit) little article...I wonder how his wife feels...I think I'm going to call him Waleed because his name is impossible...If I was Waleed's wife - God forbid - he'd be my liberal puppet >:)

Take care Shuruq :))

Shurouq said...

Shiftai :/


Your full-of-3achaf comment made my day! :P

Thanks :*

Mini Я.
Heh ;)

All the way from Walladah's to Jabriya?! Good to see you here :)
And Allah ysalmich

ما عاش من يكذب عليك يا ولد العم

وترى ما الحب إلا للحبيب الأول

lol You and 6ab6ab would make a great couple (btw, we're talking Mohd here, not Waleed)

And don't worry, my life is too dull to be censored :)

nazzal said...

where are we ?! up or down !!
with all the happenings , am being pushed down .
i think ill retire be for you :)

Shurouq said...

Down, but not rock-bottom... yet.

kwtia said...

The one thing I liked about having a job was that drive home phone call to Papa J's in Jabriya for a large cheese pizza and garlic dipping sauce pick-up..
Q, Amen..

Sheba said...

haha tawni ashoof hal post LOVELY :P

Anonymous said...

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