Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Knob's Missing

If we are serious about the possession of a certain capacity – say the capacity to reason or to speak – demarcating the difference between those who do deserve moral consideration and those who don’t, and if we are self-consistent, then we should permit treating the marginal cases just as we treat other morally disenfranchised beings: without qualms, researchers might perform painful medical experiments and test products on unwanted babies, state fish and game departments might open a hunting season on the retarded, and Purina might make dog food out of the senile.

J. Baird Callicott

Just a thought to ponder.
(And my Nora is out of Purina)
تهقون بو مبارك راح يتزوج حصة على حمدة؟
وتهقون ينجح أعضاء لجنة التحقيق بالمخالفات الانتخابية في إيقاف رئيس جهاز خدمة المواطن عن عمله حتى انتهاء التحقيق؟
أبواب السما مفتوحة في هذا الشهر الفضيل.. قولوا الله
The Key to a successful relationship is opening up and expressing your feelings in order to resolve conflicts, right?
Wrong. Do not express.. Repress and save your energy.


The Simper said...

I repress, to save my fingers energy :)

Spontaneousnessity said...

yeeeee ana awal wa7da to comment =} bs I don't have much to say =/

about al frayya, even though I never followed any mosalsal, but yeah well what's drama without your husband cheating or remarrying?

and the last part, I was ganna say what you said in the end, who wants to express! no wait, who wants to listen! move on.

iDip said...


if the knob is missing, kick the door, or use a screw. (nothing literal here)

"Wrong. Do not express.. Repress and save your energy"
adressing whoever you're addresing here

Arfana said...

wouldn't that be boring?

Jandeef said...

7e9ooooh elchalba!

bo_ghazi said...

Good morning :)

bo_ghazi said...

oooohh ooohh ooooohh....

"Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author."

Shurouq, min mota?

and I thought i was the first to comment on this post :S

Shurouq said...

You're a smart girl. Some people still think expressing is the way to go.
Alla yhadeehom.

I liked the song! Is it from her latest?

Boring, but heartbreaking nonetheless.
Shlonich? :)

شكلك مندمج.. مثلي

Bo Ghazi
Moderation is off again.. 3ashanek.

Shurouq said...

Oops.. The Sipmer
Saqa6ta Sahwan walla!

Hanan said...

When is Nora's Bar Mitzvah?

Express, repress, makes no difference. Relationships suck. Who needs them? (kilish mo min galby but I am/should be cynical and skeptical by nature)

Why? said...

حنان تمشين وتشيشين البنات على الشباب في معظم تعليقات


شروق, عبري ومالك شغل, ليما تلقين اللي يستاهلك

شنو معناة الفرية؟

Khargoush said...

7abibti Sayouk, about repress, just recently I heard that my disturbed X talked bulshit about me a while ago. Some one told me to confront him and express, I said wallah no way I will repress la2ana believe me MAKO FAYDAH, and not worth the energy, so repress 7abibti all the way :)even in on going relationships most of the time repress is better.

kwtia said...

What's the point of saved energy? Use it up, there's always more where it came from..and keep doing anything you like with it.

Delicately Realistic said...

.. Repress and save your energy.

Great! Now u tell me. I thought repressing was bad & id change :/ now i know. The hard way.

Shiftaw ishsawat 7e99o? Bachona ilyom 3l f6or!

iDip said...

Yes it is

3abeer said...

Repression ..repression..repression all the way!

the only thing you will gain out of expressing .. is a grudge from your significant other :)

and he/she might rub it in later..

Alia said...

أبواب السما مفتوحة
ويالله ينجحون في إيقافه عن العمل
بس الله لا يقول بو مبارك ياخذ حصصوووووه الجلبة
ما تستاهل حمده المسجينة

& I'll have to object here
yes it is the key to a successful relationship .. & even to a "succeessful breakingup" .... if there's ever such a sentence
& you know or will know that ..

آنا شخصيا إذا ما طلعت كل اللي بقلبي ما انام الليل

ValenciaLover said...


بس أنا صرت ما أنام الليل من ساعة ما طلعت كل اللي بقلبي

Repress is good if you can take it... unfortunately, i can't, and i always regret it afterwords

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

ur absolutely right. don't express any feeling. expressing feelings is like butterflies u know, hold one a little tight, it'll crush, hold it too loose, it'll fly. never feed ur partner's emotional hunger. never. sometimes when u express a little it's a whole lot more powerful than grinding. bas shfahmna 3ad. once we fall in love, we become totally blinded by this stupid feeling. this is my motto "enjoy the SEX and the hell with the rest" ambee shfeny shta6eeeeet :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Man is a talking animal. If you take “talking” out from the sentence it will be, Man is an animal…
Sorry, so so os so so so so so os soooooooooooo sorry that I have expressed my feelings. I have should suppress them.
Best song for the moment, James blunt (you’re beautiful).

AuThoress said...

Do not express.. Repress and save your energy.

آه يا ألبي يا كتاكت
آه آه

بخصوص الفــرية، ما اقدر اتوقع أي شي بهالحياة، عساني أفكر بـ روحي، ناقصة افكر بالمسلسل؟ انا من بيفكر فيني؟

Anonymous said...

Taw ennas 3ala her Bat Mitzvah
بعدها صغيرة

الفرية تكويت لكلمة "الفرجة" اللي تكون بين البيوت في الكويت قديما

Exactly.. Mako fayda

Energy depletes..
And I'm stingy :)

Delicately Realistic
I almost cried.. :( Bu Salem kesar kha6ri!

Thank you :*

Hehe 3abeer
Inti ba3ad, thank you

انتي قلبك أبيض، لما تطلعين اللي فيه ترتاحين وتريحين.. بس انا قلبي أسود ومهبب

Valencia Lover
انتي حتؤوليلي :P

L's Brain
Eshta66ay 3ala ra7tich

Because it drains you.

Hmm.. thanks for the song recommendation.

آنا والإدارة كلها نفكر فيك إذا تبين

Arfana said...

ana HAYLA :-)

question, who cares if the end result sucks? what's important (for me) is that I feel good now. yseer khair later.

keep holding back and you'll eventually end up with a heart of stone :-p

Shurouq said...

عسى دوم

I think I'm already there :P

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

:) "بس انا قلبي اسود ومهبب"

it's my fav color

Alia said...

إنتي آخر وحده ينقال عنها قلبها أسود
والا شان قدرتي تنامين

kwtia said...

you stingy? I can't even imagine that...but we don't want any energy depletion, nothing to slow down the posts..

esetch said...

أحسن له ياخذها، من شاف شعر حمده وشعر حصة بيعرف

kila ma6goog said...

بالنسبة لموضوع رئيس خدمة المواطن , يعتمد اذا كان يايهم جرين لايت من فوق أو لا, فعلا الكل مترقب نتيجة هذه القضية ليس لأهميتها و أهمية الشخص لكن نتيجتها راح تحدد رجال المرحلة المقبلة و اتجاه الدفة

هل سيصمد الثلاثي أو نرى ثلاثي جديد على الساحة

اللهم زد و بارك

ولاّدة said...

مارة أقول
ما شبعنا منكم أمس

Warda said...

it9adgeen ana kent ashoof-ha belail at 1.30 a.m oo anam me7tara min 7arakat 7e99ooh il chalba oo bo imbarak il thoooor :( oo kel youm a7alem 7elm shakel oo agooom dhayeg khlgii lain gelt 7ag nafsiii "WARDAA HAWNEEHA OO IHYA IT-HOOON IT's JUST A MUSALSAL" :( bs it9adgeen min kether ma il qe9a 7elwa wel tamtheel 3ajeeeeeb a7es-ha chenna shay 9ej .....anyways gemt asajel-ha waqt il fo6ooor oo ashooof-ha awal ma akhali9 fo6ooori :) 3ala ma eyeee waqt il noum ela ana nasya 7e99oooohhh il chalbaa ....anam zain 7emdella :)

Shurouq said...

L's Brain
I prefer white.. Black is too black

ما أنام لأن نورا ما تخليني أنام :)

Emotional stinginess of the worst kind.. Alla la yableekom :)

لا وتغني له بعد

Kila Ma6goog
للأسف رئيس جهاز خدمة المواطن (وغيره) خلوا السالفة تصير أقرب إلى العداء الشخصي.. وصارت أسماؤهم تسبب لنا حساسية

لي عالأقل

اي والله ما شبعنا.. بس الجايات أكثر

lol Warda
You cracked me up!

آنا بعد مصدقة المسلسل وكل ما أشوف حياة الفهد ودي ألمها وأبوس راسها

بس ما كرهت حصة
الحب عمي

Brava Valentia said...

الكويتيين النجادة يسمون الفرية "النقبه" وهي تكون أصغر بالحجم من الفرية بحيث يقدر يمر منها الأطفال فقط ...الحكاره تنفع ساعات


Spontaneousnessity said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Spontaneousnessity said...

wait I wasn't the first to comment ={

bummer =/

yalla post! post! post! am on my mark =}

Q80-Chill Girl said...


و اللي ما يعجبه ايطق راسه بالطوفه، اللي ما يتقبل التعبير عن النفس بكل صراحة!! ماله داعي :) ولا تجاملين على حساب نفسك

White Wings said...

I express when the listener is worth it
i don't repress
i ignore when the involved ma yestahel
and some times i express to the unworthy just to spite them :)
try it, it feels good

"D" said...

Express, don't repress. You may regret expressing what you shouldn't have!!

But belive me it's a better then regreting what you repressed.

Tounge Twister!

Proletarian said...

I think the writer has a punctuation problem

neelaah said...

بو مبارك راح يتزوج التيسه

و راح اتطلع عيونه و يعرف ان الله حق

و يرجع حق حمده

بس حمده تطلع ثوله اذا رضت ترجع له