Monday, November 27, 2006

Bo Ghazi. The Grinch Who Stole My Monday!

My day starts out great. Sunny morning. Bu Habeeb greets me with a smile. I finish work on our book and apply for a looong leave.
A friend’s winning a prize tonight and I’m excited.
Above all, he’s coming home sooner than planned. Yey!
Birds are singing. Sky is blue.

The fact that I’m gaining weight, or that I’m too broke I might have to rob a bank to pay for car repairs doesn’t get to me.. I’m just too happy.

Then I read
Not even a new post from
Zort would cheer me up now.

We hope this visit will help eliminate misunderstandings between Muslims and Christians - Abdullah Gul

كان غيركم اشطر
قبل اكتشاف النفط، كنتوا تشوفون أفلام تركية؟.. والا بس احنا؟
Ibrahim Tatlises - Mavi Mavi

ما فيه شبه من صدام؟


Anonymous said...


Shopaholic Q8eya said...


error said...

بس انتوا

Purgatory said...

gaining weight :)

iDip said...

Nooo :(

لكن اش فايدة الزعل بعد خراب

وفق الله ابا غازي وسهل له الدروب في مقبلات الايام
واعاننا على فراقه وفراق من سبقوه

Hanan said...

What brought up Tatlis? :)
Birds singing, sky blue? Hmmm but it's winter. Shouldn't it be cloudy? Shouldn't birds migrate?

Your perception is distorted. You are not seeing things in their proper light.

So in your vacation, what are your plans other than eating and buying clothes to fit?

Zaydoun said...

Yeah I didnt understand Bo Ghazi's sudden departure after months of silence

We'll miss him

Spontaneousnessity said...

aslan awal ma the page oppened up I was thinking, ew laish 7ata sorat sadamo, then I read if he looks like him, so yes he does.

and bo ghazi.. to quit blogging? why would anyone quit something harmless? it's just a space to let things out and share things with others no strains attached.. I don't get the deal..

kila ma6goog said...

حبيب بو غازي

اعتقد ان لازم نأسس جمعية البلوغرز الكويتية

يعني شنو المردود من البلوج؟ و شنو المرحلة القادمة؟ و شلون نعيش بعد ما نعتزل؟

انا مرشح نفسي امين الصندوق من الحين

Shurouq said...

Errr.. Go Dolphins?

ool tani keda

Yeah i thought so. :)

I swear it's not funny anymore!

I say we impeach him.

If it's winter I must be in denial.

بس عالأقل آنا ما أعزم الناس على جبن كرافت وخيار

He's missed already.

And don't YOU dare do it!

يمكن مل من حنتنا

lol Kila Ma6goog
I'll be your secretary.

و"الصندوق" خله بمكتبي

Anonymous said...

Must've been good acid.

Hi! Remember me? *toothy smile*

Erzulie said...

And he disabled the comments! Piff...
What a pickle...

Alia said...

bu habeeb .. kaaaaaaaaaaak

w you'll be missed at work .. منو بيي من الصبح يقول يوعان .. شنو الريوق؟

Birds are not singing, sky is not blue .. but girl you're happy ;**

bu ghazi .. very sad news, valencia must be crying now .. w DON't YOU DARE DO IT.

ابراهيم تاتليس ... ليش الفضايح .. اعتقد محد كان يطالع هالأفلام غيرنا

انتي اللي جبتيه لنفسك

أ ل م said...

وَنُفِخَ فِي الصُّورِ فَصَعِقَ مَنْ فِي البْلوغزٍ وَمَنْ فِي الأَرْضِ إِلا مَنْ شَاءَ اللَّهُ

AuThoress said...

A friend’s winning a prize tonight and I’m excited

:) لا داعي لا داعي

AyyA said...

My sky is violet, my birds are tweeting, you happy, I’m soaring, spread you wings and soar with me. We need a lot of this sentiment to store for the coming winter. May you always be happy.

neelaah said...

قبل اكتشاف النفط

كنت اشوف
و السيارة العجيبه

على تلفزيون البصره

الله يرحم ايامج يا حسنيه خاتون
تذكرين هالمسلسل؟؟

طائر بلا أجنحة said...


أكيد أتعرفين عبدالقادر بيك

luloo said...

sooooooooooo glad to meet you, you are a wonderful person.

Anonymous said...

I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is looking at you blog to see what new. You name is Shroq and you really are, at least for me

BintBuNaz said...

Ta3alay o nawray bloggy ilyideed, wouldja?


neelaah said...


بو لحيه حمره
اكيد اذكره
الله في احد قديم غيري

Spontaneousnessity said...

أ ل م <-- !?!!?

Shurouq said...

Mini R
Vaguely :P

Moo bes chethi, he deleted his previous posts!

الحلو ان احنا كنا فاهمين ان احنا فاهمين القصة واحنا ما نعرف من التركي إلا: أدب سيز وتشكرات وعفارم

أ ل م
لا تقول!! صارت؟

I loved your speech!
Very expressive.. and fluent as always :*

Yalla, Ayya
Up we go.. But don't forget your jacket :***

Neelaah il 3asal
ودي أقول آنا صغيرة وما لحقت على حسنية خاتون وتشبس ونايت رايدر.. بس الكذب حرام

تعرفون اسم المسلسل؟

Right back at you :)
You two are a wonderful couple. It was a pleasure meeting you.

That was very sweet of you, thank you :)

ييت ويبت معاي طيران.. ما سمعتي الصيحة؟

:*** so glad you're back

As in:

"ألم ، ذلك الكتاب لا ريب فيه هدى للمتقين"

سورة البقرة

kila ma6goog said...

اليوم الأحد الساعة سبعة و نص مساء سيتم عرض فيلم عندما يتكلم الشعب الجزء الثاني للمخرج عامر زهير في فندق حياة ريجينسي بحضور الدكتور أحمد الخطيب

Spontaneousnessity said...

yeah I know that, I was refering to what he wrote not what he stands for..

Mozart said...

everybody is broke and gaining wieght ;p did u try to do atkins ?

Anonymous said...

As you are a great artist i need ur opinion, where can i find a good place in Q8 to practice oil painitng???

Anonymous said...

ee walla 9ij! What the f*@# happened to zort??

Shurouq said...

طافني :(

Welcome to my blog :)
Atkins? No way! I live on/for pasta.

You flatter me. Sorry I can't recommend anything coz I've never been to any art schools..

:( Dunno! but he's missed.

Anonymous said...

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