Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ce n’est pas Michael Jackson! C’est Malcolm X

A severe case of lack-of-imagination has crept into my life for the last few days..I have had a couple of vivid dreams though.. In those dreams I'm usually passive, a reflection of how I am in real life.
If I were in Paprika/Chiba's shoes I'd probably just stand there and let what's his name strangle me to death.. Won't do anything to save Tokita either. Powerless and lazy.
I also sneeze a lot these days. With or without the Paprika.
Leaving to Dubai on Wednesday for the Googoosh gig. I have two days to learn the language and the lyrics for her songs. Piece of Sahoon.
Speaking of Iran and anime, Persepolis is a film you don't want to miss.
What else.
Elections are ahead! Let's keep our fingers very firmly tightly crossed.
Please everyone, vote smart and make a difference. And for those who will work night and day in campaigns for a better Kuwait and do much more than vote, I dedicate this romantic not very fitting Warda song. Because why not?
Last but not least, read Q's beautifully written, inspiring post. I couldn't find the right words to comment. In short, we love the Rubei's.


kila ma6goog said...




Anonymous said...

vous parlez la fransais aussi?

Anonymous said...

vous parlez la fransais aussi?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Rubie... forever beautiful...

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

I want to vote for at least one woman this time. I wonder if there will be any worthy ones.

As Angela Carter says: 'Hope for the best, expect the worst'

And enjoy Googoosh. I remember reading something about her on one of your old posts. I always thought she is one of the ancient dead ones.

DiLLi O MiLLi said...

شعند العايلة الكريمة والحلوووم !!؟؟
أنتي حلمانه توتو حلمانه

اااااالله أنا أحب الساهون
بــس شي يضحك أنه
حلى ايراني الاصل ولكن العراقيين مشهورين بصناعته
شلون يعني !؟ يعني العراق تصدرة لأيران !!؟؟
عيل الأيرانيين صار لهم دهـــر ما ذاقوه

الــــربعي ... ااااااالله يرحمـــة
خســــارة كبيـــــــــرة للكــويت


Ms. Baker said...

Itroo7een bilsalama, enjoy your concert and remember that what goes on in Dubai stays in Dubai ;p

We do indeed love and are proud of the Rubei's, and I know we will be seeing many wonderful and groundbreaking things from them yet in the days to come :)

And of course, it wouldn't be me and my one track mind if I didn't predictably demonstrate my legafa to throw a few food and chocolate references at you... Therefore, if you haven't already, don't miss Stone Cold Creamery's ice cream place at Festival city (whose outdoor area by the water reminds me of Miami's Bayside) and don't miss taking home a box of the 70% dark chocolate almonds, caramel truffles and Dark earl grey slabs from Jeff de Bruges at Ibn Batuta... And Hediard at Burjuman is awesome for a lazy afternoon lunch or tea with friends :)

Have fun :*

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

I wonder if there will be any worthy women this year to vote for. I wish but I doubt it.

In Angela Carter's words "Hope for the best, expect the worst".

Enjoy Ghoogoosh. I heard about her a lot , but never saw her singing before. I like her a lot! and she sings in many languages! Laish ma7ad galiiiiiii !! she's gonna be my new fad!

Amethyst said...

I loved Persepolis.

I wish I can vote.

Q's post is simply beautiful.

Amethyst said...

I had to come back and comment on the title. I love. Hehe, tawni ga3da mn elnoum, excuse the esti3ab;p

EXzombie said...

didn't know you were into Anime....!!!

would you care join us in the election blog

it'll be a bliss to have you with us..

Mok said...

أختي شروق

:)مواضيع سياسية نبي

Anonymous said...

هلا شروق

انا اشعر بالاحباط اللذي اصابك بعد اداء من وقفنا معهم من اعضاء الملجس ومن شتامين البلوغرز .. ولكن سلبيتك
اعتقد جازما انها مأذيتج داخليا وتحاولين الابتعاد لكن بدون رغبه حقيقيه بالابتعاد
الساحه السياسيه تناديكي والكويت تنتظر اللذين يحبونها مثلك ولا يتر كونها للغوغاء الجهله
انا من المتابعين لاختيارك الموسيقي القديم

لكن ما طرا على بالي
غوغوش .. ماجنها بامريكا ..ما ادري حيه ولا ماتت

خلي الاغاني بعد نتائج ومخرجات الخمس دوائر
او سسسسسسسسسلام

error said...


i feel like "madry" again

ما ادري

Shurouq said...

I am thinking but I need my breaks for sleep, food, and blog.

The few French words I know were enough to understand and enjoy Persepolis without English subtitles..
Mais non, je ne parle pas Francais.


DIlli o milli
صباح الخير :*
يبيلة "حلّوووم" وزعتر وطماط

توتو البارحة زعلت ياسمين مرتين.. الله يسامحها

Akh Ms. Baker
My 24 hours in Dubai are starting to sound very short with all the recommendations I'm getting :)
The 70% dark chocolate almonds has to be squeezed in somehow though. Wish me luck :*

L's Brain
I never saw her singing live before, I'm excited. My mom is a huge fan and I guess that's how we got to know and love Googoosh.

I wish you can vote too :(
We have to do something about our voting age.

I'll join you as a regular visitor :)

ما أقدر أتكلم في السياسة ولا الانتخابات بشكل تفصيلي
الصورة لم تتضح لي بعد

اللي أقدر أقوله هو كلام مكرر عن حسن الاختيار ووضع مصلحة البلد فوق المصالح الشخصية الضيقة وانتخاب الدافعين للتغيير نحو الأفضل

كلام إنشائي ولكنه كل ما أملك

الإحباط يروح ويرد، بس التفاؤل يغلب
أما عن السلبية فهي مرض عضال لا شفاء منه

واسمح لي، آنا ما أقدر أخلي الأغاني
وإذا خيرت بين الانتخابات والموسيقى سأختار الأخيرة وبدون تردد

I totally, absolutely, and completely understand.

لمياء الحالمة said...


تروحين وترجعين بالسلامة

كوكوش أكثر من رائعة, إنتي محظوظة لأنك راح تحضرين الكونسيرت بالامارات, الشي الحلو بحفلاتها إنها تغني أغنياتها القديمة وإللي لها نكهة خاصة

Enjoy the trip, and forget about politics for a while


ValenciaLover said...

can't wait to see Googoosh

oh, and enough dreaming... get up... work... or pack for our 1 night trip

حمودي said...

يابختج بتروحين الحفلة
اهم شي لاتنسين ظوابط الحفلات

Angelo said...

Paprika was amazing. Satoshi Kon has one crazy mind. If you liked that one, you should check Paranoia Agent and Perfect Blue, they are just out of this world.

I want to watch Persepolis. I'm waiting for the DVD release.

Let's hope Kuwait wakes up from its slumber and votes for the right candidates this time. I'll be back to Kuwait this summer so I'll finally have my chance to vote...I'm quite excited actually.

Mozart said...

you are so optimistic concerning the elections shurouq , the results will difinitley prove my point .


Shurouq said...

My optimism is just for show :)

People like you are why I blog :) Thanks for the recommendations.

دبي مضبوطة بدون ضوابط
الله لا يغير عليهم

wala shai

لمياء الحالمة
كوكوش تحفة
يا ليتني أعرف إيراني