Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"Beware the barrenness of a busy life"


Amethyst said...

When I'm busy, my life is SO NOT BARE;\

all butterflies said...

your busy life is no excuse. this entry doesn't count. where are you on the elections? who are you voting for? who are fighting against? and where's the music? and your sketches?
busy means productive. and that's fulfilling.
maybe you're keeping busy to avoid something. otherwise you won't feel this way. am i right or am i right.

Shurouq said...

My life isn't bare nor barren, but it's a bit on the dry side these days and I don't like it.

All Butterflies
Too many questions there.. :)
I'm not working for any campaign if that's what you mean. I'm watching and waiting for the vote. My music is mostly in my iPod. My sketches, I don't know.
And you're wrong. The one thing I want to avoid is a busy schedule.

Bad-Ran said...

مي نو انغلش

The Simper said...

and be aware of the illnesses of the sedentary life

kila ma6goog said...

يبيلج اكشن

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Shurouq.

It does seem like a lot of heavy political responsibility and expectations are being placed squarely on your shoulders, doesn't it?

Even for the mighty, there are times when energies need replenishing, thoughts need gathering, and raison d' etre's need reassessing and re-establishing. The boring and calm, routine "unproductive" moments are for things like that, especially with creative forces like you. They are for centering yourself in times of madness, for listening to the quiet of your own sanity just before things get fierce.

Chances are, it will get crazy enough soon. So consider this "quiet" and "routine" time your touchstone and a breather to regroup ;) You are just a human girl after all ( a very, very special one at that :* )

7amdilla 3la salamtich, how was the Gogoosh concert and Dubai?

shosho said...

The question of leading a barren or productive life seems pointless to me at the moment. Everyone around me is sick these days - some mild, some fatal. And the dusty weather isn't helping either, Shloonich dearest?

Mok said...

مثل ما قال كله مطقوق

Anonymous said...

I remember the best times of my life were during a time where i was completely useless to my self and everyone around me .. some recommend yoga and meditation .. I just recommend being lazy .. it works

عبثي said...
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Hanan said...

But how to avoid such life?!

White Wings said...

i lead a very busy life and so often i feel and fear barrenness...you know, i wonder if i am spending my time on the real worthy...
you struck hard with this sentence, why do you do this to us? :)

Hasan.B said...

Fal yasqo6 soqrat al 3ilmaneyo al kafir! My head hurts when I am busy!

kwtia said...

Everything's a bit dry here... Here's to turning the tide :)

بومريوم said...

بوستاتك صايرة وايد صعبة علينا
يا تبسيطنها أو تحطين ترجمة
رحمة بنا خريجين الثانوية العامة...
لا و دور ثانى بعد

3abeer said...

I've been extremely busy lately.. felt like I was isolated from the rest of the word.. I demand my life back !!

update: I gained 60% of it back ;P

Shurouq said...

احذر من عقم الحياة المزدحمة

وفي ترجمة أخري
الدنيا ربيع والجو بديع.. قفللي على كل المواضيع

The Simper
Moderation is the key. Or so they say.

Kila Ma6goog
أفضل الكوميدي

Ms. Baker
No responsibilities are being placed on my shoulders. I wouldn't take any :)
Watching the political scene from where I stand is heavy enough for me.

Googoosh was mesmerizing.. Dubai was humid.

Shosho dearest!
I'm good.. So sorry about your news though.
ما يشوفون شر

إذا مو كوميدي خيال علمي.. مو وايد أحب الآكشن

The best times of your life better be now. You are envied my son.

نتابعه ليش ما نتابعه

White Wings
Your busy life makes me proud :* Keep it up.

Hasan B
Salamat your head :)

So I was "discussing" your blog and its new look with a friend the other day.
Bottom line: blue, white, or orange, we love you :*

بو مريوم
أوعدك البوست القادم عربي.. خريجو الثانوية العامة ما ينرد لهم طلب وهم أصواتهم مطلوبة في الانتخابات

Not bad ;)
You guys deserve a break. I hardly see or hear from your partner H these days. :(

kwtia said...

Love you right back :*
Hope the new look is easier to read... It's been much better for my eyes and my optimism. Mmm nice to say optimism and 'my' in a sentence.

فتى الجبل said...

عشان جذي صار حكيم

بومريوم said...

عربى مبسط لو سمحتى

و صوتى محجوز من الان حق عايشة رشيد

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

He led a busy life. It wasn't barren after all.

عبثي said...
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3abeer said...

H adopted and added two new members to her family which adds more to her busy schedule..

I don't see her much either.. I'll pass the note though ;)