Wednesday, July 08, 2009

عينيك للسيما كاميرا، وانا للتمثيل بأميل

أسعار خاصة
مشهد 8 أيام
تذكرة + سكن + إفطار +مواصلات
كل يوم رسالة من هالنوع، وبعروض مختلفة
I'd go to Mash'had to pray for a counter-revolution. Not Mir Musawwi's green revolution (and not Reza Pahlavi's white revolution either). I want it multi-colored and for the most selfish reasons. I want to visit Iran without having to cover my head. I want to lie on their beaches, hike up their mountains, have corn on the cob and fresh pistachios and 'dough'. I want to dance to Persian music and party with beautiful Iranians. What a waste of beauty. If it wasn't for the Mullahs (مو أهل صالح) we'd have a heaven next door.
Speaking of waste and wastage, I've been told you never understand, forgive, and move on unless you're willing to accept the facts no matter how harsh. I've been told a lot lately but I haven't been listening because all I can think about is how come iPods don't have keyboards and a more advanced search function. How many seconds are lost scrolling up & down trying to find a certain song or artist then ending up listening to Achinoam Nini instead of Abo Bakr Salem?
I love Abo Bakr Salem and life should be easier.
Work is getting easier now that a number of our pending projects are no longer pending. My desk is being cleared up (thanks to Alia) and I can leave the office with a semi-clear conscience. Can't wait to go home and get ready for my extended weekend getaway.

Cows are adorable.
If it wasn't for the slow connection, you'd be listening to Metric's "The Police and The Private", inste
ad you get Adawiya's gem "Bing Bing Bing". Enjoy :)


Mowgli said...

i hate air Mahan!

فريج سعود said...

if you visit mashhad for first time you have to pray for your self first

and you have to visit the emam in their (Ali ALredha ) if you want to make the travel to iran worth and useful

Anonymous said...

ma fahamt shai

Ali said...

Not as adorable as your subliminal writings and your funky music picks

Alia said...

"Thanks" هذي وين يصرفونها؟؟

have fun o la tinsain inny hny qa3id akda7 min ajl luqmat el3aish, fa la t7urrony wayed :(

Anonymous said...

اللهم أرزقنا زيارة أمامنا علي ابن موسى الرضا

The Simper said...

* if there is a concert for Gogoosh in Iran, i would go :)

** i heared there is something new from Apple called "iKod" that would solve ur problem.. wait for it :PpP

*** enjoy ur weekend. :)

M said...

Shurouq !
ما يلوموا طب وانا مالي ..
Enjoy ! :)

عبد المعبود مشهدي said...

خايف للغربة تحلى لك
والبعد يغير أحوالك

خليني دايما على بالك


Shurouq said...

Hehe yes, Mowgli, that's the one.

فريج سعود
Religious tourism doesn't agree with me.


رفعت معنوياتي :)

انتي كريمة وآنا أستاهل
قدها وقدود
البركة فيكم

والذيب ما يهرول عبث

ناوية أحش فيج

انشالله تزوره وتدعي لنا

Hello, The Simper
Exactly my point! Gogoosh should be singing in Tehran.

Merci :)

عبد المعبود المشهدي
يا ريت غربة.. كلها ويك اند وراجعة

وخوش اغنية

عبد المعبود الناطر said...

متمناك الغربة؟
واضح أنك لا تعرفينها
ستكونين هناك في كل مكان
ولكن ليس بوسعك الطيران

الحياة لا تستحق أن نواصل فيها التمني
حققي كل الـ ياريت اللي في قلبك
حتى لو تفشلي
تكوني حينئذ حققت الفشل
ومسحت يا ريت إلى الأبد

وهذا كلام شخص متمرس بالنجاح بالمناسبة ولا يحرض على الفشل

Anonymous said...

etha re7tay iran ba3den ma ya36onich visa 7ag US ;P

حرف said...

أي والله لاعت جبودنا من هالمسج السخيف

وبعدين ليش ما تريحينا وتكتبين بالعربي ، قراءتي بالإنجليزي بطيئة


مستقبل إيران في غاية الغموض .. بالنسبة لي على الأقل

وهو مثال حي على فساد الدولة الدينية ومساوئها

تحياتي الحارة المفلفلة

Anonymous said...

Yeah, cows are adorable up until you gotta work at a farm where the word "natural fertilizer" takes on a whole new and not so adorable meaning.

You're adorable, though, dammit.


Question: Why discriminate against religious sites when they are as important as the rest of the country in terms of sites that encompass history and heritage?

t.q8 said...

ترديلنا سالمه ان شاء الله
وهالله الله بالكمام لاتنسين تلبسينه

t.q8 said...

شروق عندي طلب بس اشوي محرج
لما تكتبين بالانجليزي ترجمي بالعربي
لان عندي مشكله بالانجليزي زعلان علي فصرت مافهم:(

ادورلي عذر عشان اقولج اني
مافهم بالانجليزي

حمودي said...

شمعنه انتي تييج هالاوفرات واحنا لا ؟

Anonymous said...

فريج سعود يا زينك قبل

A.H said...

Welcome back, hopefully we will see more of you since you became free now as yo said.

اجار الدين كشمش said...

طاحت اصابيعي وانا احلب البقره

ودزيييت لج الحلييب
اللي تتمنينه
بالايميل ....شوفي ايميلج


Q8_Q8 said...

hi , good morning
just a note .
you have to know Mashad it is not for tourism it is special area & you can not know what is the specialty for this area but you will know later .

abolesanzalef said...

ahm ahm
i am really sorry, i could no get you.....the subject is more differnet than the header....i hope next blog can explain what you wanted to say here.....yalla bye

Anonymous said...

Hey there sweetheart,

I strongly recommend - while you're on leave there - that you visit جبهةالتهييس الشعبية blog. I found it to be the most honorable blog out there that aims at achieving our integrity as a people.

May you find what I perceive as your lost voice that has gone astray somehow.


To the rest,

Visit SWS's blog to learn about Kuwait's atrocities against domestic workers.

Anonymous said...

Idiots. Language deficient fools. She didn't say I'll go to Mash'had. She said 'i'd go to mash'had'. But what to say? Some readers are too stupid.

Anonymous said...

Oh and the anonymous above me

you are boring me. YOU ARE BORING THE HELL OUT OF ME.

Anonymous said...

ops wait not the one above me that's me :(

I meant the جبه التيس والبعير anonymous. YOU. YOU BORE ME.

سنفور غضبان said...

مشكلتج يا شروق لا مشهد ولا الآيبود ولا البقر
مشكلتج ما تدرين إني أشيك البلوج كل يوم (فراغة أدري) وأقول يمكن اليوم هالنزغة كاتبة شي جديد. ولكن لا حياة لمن تنادي

ومشكلتي مالي خلق أععلق. بس أقرا. والله العظيم اقرا

وبعدين؟ لي متى؟

Anonymous said...


Anonymous @ 11:01

Doesn't sound like I'm boring you though, sounds more like I'm annoying the hell outta ya. Why so?

And cheer up, I am going to die, someday.

Shurouq said...

What's going on here and how's everyone?

Anonymous said...

We're doin' just fine here, sweetheart, fine & dandy :-)

Sweet of you to look in on us & make sure we're not murdering one another, yet.

Lemmi ask you something though, my comments annoy you? Cuz if they do, you just say the word and I'm outta here.

Only reason I drop in is cuz of my considerable fondness of this blog owner. But you already know that now, don't you.

Shurouq said...

Not at all! Keep them coming, ilbait baitek.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ alsa3a athna3ash
No we're not fine. I'm not fine with your 'hey there sweetheart' followed by your holly junk. Your well-worn adjective sweet is just EGGGG. I can imagine shurouq kicking you out of here and all she'd get is a demotion to "you are NOT sweet".

Anonymous said...

Bias in favor of the sweetheart ;(

Mowgli, please tell me you are not a fan of that cartoon character? PLEASE :(

Anonymous said...


You made my day. I'm pleased and grateful.

Nyah Nyah, Anonymous @ 11:01

Couldn't resist that. LoL.

abolesanzalef said...

Anonymous !!!!!!! so respect replies....looks like a .....!
I think Idiot..may be....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 12:50

All girls are sweet, including melodramatic little girls who throw tantrums, like yourself.

Let's quit the charade while we're at it though. Either provide a rational reason behind the hostile attitude towards me, or knock it off.


Anonymous said...

Abolsanzelf, OMG OMG, please, how can you live with yourself? :( do you hit yourself sometimes? maybe once? :(
I left you alone because I thought you were mental and simple minded. your first comment caused tears and pity. Turned out you are mental AND annoying. What's your diet?

Anonymous @ WHAT? 8 am? don't you ever sleep? Me stop now hostility because me better than you, you know? :(

nyah, nyah your ass.

Anonymous said...

Shurouq, BOOO TO YOU @@

Shurouq said...

Hehe.. I'm not taking sides, but again, what's going on here?

Anonymous said...

Shurouq, I don't want you on my team. I hope you find a piece of meat in your veggie soup :(

i don't know. everyone is attacking me :(

Anonymous said...

I hate it when things drag on forever and issues are taken out of context. Hardly ever drag things on to this extent, especially since there's nothing of seriousness to discuss.

But seeing as you're a girl, you kinda have an edge there, and I will grudgingly indulge you.

You accuse Abolsanzelf of making no sense only to come out and say "Me stop now hostility because me better than you, you know?" and sound incomprehensible yourself. You know what people in glass houses shouldn't do.

I don't know what your problem is, but if it'll make you feel any better, then okay, you're better than me and nyah nyah my ass.

Anonymous said...

A.H "because you became free now as you said"

Oh god. I'm gonna resist that. I'll leave him alone :(
Yes I'm going to leave him alone.
I'm suffocating :( What's wrong with the beoble of the rebublic of Twait :(

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart just made my day! I love drama and people who are easily teased.
Mo shurouq! cold-blooded :@

Please anonymous. DONT" CHANGE :(
Never ever loosen up. You are cool like that.
I love you :( will you marry me?
I'm serious. I always am :(

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ half e7da3ash


Anonymous said...

LoL, now I get it. You're a kid. Everything makes sense now :-)

Listen kid, you're not half bad. Might be a whole lot better if your responses were a bit more serious. Like the sarcasm by the way.

You could even create your own little blog. Call it "Twelve Year Olds with an Attitude".

Alright, I'm off to work, nice seeing ya. Stick to seriousness though, if you want to be taken seriously :-)

Got me goin' there for a while, LoL. What a day :-)

Anonymous said...


don't go yet :( I like you.

bye. Namaste. NAMASTEEE :(

Shurouq booooo to you.

سنفور حدّه معصب said...

لا وحاقرتني بعد

It's time you wrote something new.

سنفور ما غيره said...


Anonymous said...

Sweetheart: :(

Shurouq: I hope you get trapped with Angry Smurf in an elevator for 8 hours.

Sanfoor: scat

Anonymous said...

the anonymous before me is just a kid who needs an education and a reality check to start taking life more seriously and also to be polite..... I dont wish even my enemy to be trapped in the elevator
please update? and use your moderation more wisely shuroq

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ half four,

I hope you find an unassembled dead cockroach as your Kinder Surprise toy.

they are bullying me :(

Fen6asy said...

cow is adorable !! So is Kuwait , 3adel !?

Qaiss said...

A day will come and Iran will become free again, free from the religoius zealots that are ruling ppl's minds, i wish i would be there to see it when it happens.