Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Day Two

Rationalizing irrational behaviors (like the ongoing irrational hatred between the Kyrgyzs and the Uzbeks) can be very rational, as long as you don't lose your rationale.

Ethnic conflicts aside, I'm here to draw attention to Blogger's new templates. I spent over 20 minutes playing with the colors and the background images.

Many thanks to the Blogger team for helping me put work off.


Deema said...

nice, happy new look! :D

Anonymous said...

من تشجعين؟

Anonymous said...


Ali said...

Nice song. Pass me your iPod :)

جبريت said...

اولا اللوك اليديد حلو ونايس

ثاني شي الحب ايطالي وما اتابع الا مبارياتهم

t.q8 said...

مبرو على الديكوريشن الجديد
بس عسى ماكلفج

عندج ذوق غريب بالاغاني
بس حلو

aaa said...

Girl don't give up on politics and local affairs. Take your time but please bring the old spirit back.

Shurouq said...

Thank you, Deema I know you can appreciate playing with colors and design.

أشجع بو رمية

All yours :)


أشكرك :)

آنا ما تابعت أي لعبة حتى الآن، وشكلي مو ناوية

ما غريب إلا الشيطان

الديكور اليديد ببلاش

Hmm. I guess I used to be more opinionated. Things change.

I'm still interested in politics among other things though.

Ali said...

Thank you Shurouq! :D
How many tracks are there?

error said...

i like the new theme! maybe i need to change mine!

Anonymous Farmer said...

Girl, even if you wore a plastic bag from Hefty, you'd still look good.

In any case, what's important is how you feel about your new look, not our input.

Still, I liked the way you femininely display uncertainty.

Shurouq said...

4986 tracks.

What are you waiting for?

You're too kind :)


Anonymous Farmer said...

I'm kind with those who deserve kindness.

Eat your damn heart out.

stewie reads Three Little Pigs before going to bed said...

Anonymous farmer I. stewie the fifth, always ignore trenchant comments by a jealous lesser intellects. P.S. you are so corny when you flirt with her :(

Shurouq ahdech Sham's song "هييي هيييي، لك عين تدق بعد الي سويته؟ لابوك لابو الحب لابوك لابو جده"

You always post his mean comment and reject mine :( ALWAYS

stewie said...


and by the 6areeq, just because the corny dude thinks you asked for our opinions, your new template sucks :(

stewie is pissed said...

Tgol dash rawtha el nowair mo blog

stewie said...

ALOOOOO, is this United Color of Beneton? :O

stewie said...

Anonymous Farmer, you talking blobs of oozing slop, don't talk to me again :O

ستوي said...

شوشو وينج

ستوي said...


Shurouq said...

lol rawthat el nowair! You nailed it Stewie.

Shurouq said...

Stewie, tabini aghayer il colors?

stewie said...

refejani ygolon lich cham el rosom elsanweya shosho? :O
bdakhlon 3yalhom fee madresat el ebda3 thona'eyat al logha o el eslameya :O

stewie said...

moment shway, khal afaker

stewie said...

7awalt a7eba, I CAN"T I CAN"T shosho :( month 7elo. twenty minutes bas 3ashan tqayreen template! 7ata om kalthoom's song takes longer! :(


Shurouq said...

E I was waiting for you to decide.

Al7een shlon?

Stewie said...

fakart fakart. tmagalt o tma3ant. and yes shosho yes. Stewie likes this more :O

stewie uses the new kuwaiti lingo said...





stewie said...

shosho nemtay?

Deema ga3da? :(

Error ga3da? :(


stewie said...

Shosho why do tooth fairies rather have an old baby tooth than 50 cents? :O shesawon bl teeth?

Shurouq said...

They grind them. Baby teeth make tooth fairy salt.

Stewie said...

how do you know all the answers HOW :O
shaklich em6ay7a takleen z3tar :O

Deema yam3aw3aw

ستوي said...

Rationalizing irrational behaviors can be very rational, as long as you don't lose your rationale :O


خميس كمش خشم حبش يقدر حبش يكمش خشم حبيش مثل ما خميش كمش خشم حبش

Deema said...

و الدليل ان مدونتي رمادية و كل ما فيها رمادي و شايلة من الجافا سكربت كل التصميم و التقسيم اللي كانوا مسوينه

درجات الكحلي أحلى من اللي أول شي سويتيه :)

Shurouq said...

Hehe.. Morning, Deema.
And exactly! You're that sensitive to color and design.. Says a lot about you :)

stewie said...

Deema, give us face :O

stewie said...

Shosho tgolen sambosak wala sambosa? :O

Deema said...

thank you for appreciating my preservative manner ;)

yes I am awake!

Anonymous said...

لوكس قود

The Simper said...

veeery nice :)

Anonymous said...

Nice :)

بنت الشاميه said...

مبروك المنزل اليديد

التغير جميل

Alia said...

Redecorating my blog is your responsibilty

ستوي said...

جمعيتكم يشغلون فيها دعايات ولا قران، ايات كريمه؟

ستوي said...

كله اكتب تعليقات مهمه ما تحطينهم وتحطين مالوت السحت هذا

صطوي said...

شوشو قايمه ولا نايمه؟

ستوي خاشغجي said...

where do we go when we die shosho? :O

Shurouq said...

Morning, Khashoqji
There are speculations, but no one knows.

where do you wanna go?

stewie said...

I don't know shosh :O can't i stay in Kuwait? :( i never know how long i have got in this life that's why my motto is live for the moment. Today I could cross the road and BAAAAAAAAAM get hit by a motorcycle :( then i'd be sorry i didn't live for the mo... actually my new motto is look both ways before crossing the road :O

Bent alshameya, mashqola? t7been you bite off the bottom of bo fotha cone and suck all the bareaad? :O

Shurouq said...

Smilla 3alaik!

I've been hit by a motorcycle once.

Shurouq said...

Smilla 3alaik!

I've been hit by a motorcycle once.

stewie said...

Once laman kntai 6iflaa? :O Deema, chabreet and bent alshameya don't want any saikal to hit you shosho :(
ana 7awal sert wila there are two comments :O

Shurouq said...

Yes, lamma kint 6ifla. And no, inta moo 7awal.. I hit the Publish button twice.

ستوي said...

عورتي قلبي من الصبح .. يدتي كله تقول سيكل حق الي عايش بره ، جو حلو ، منظر حلو نفس في غندهار.. بس مو الكويت.. الحين ماراح اروح مكان زين

علاوي علولو
دام شروق بتعطيك الايبود مالها عطني مالك

ما عندي ايبود وسيارتي مكيفها يطلع هوا حار :( و اشتغل
بالصيف وادرس غصبا علي

ارتب المرتدلا في مركز سلطان.. وانت تاكله

Stewie Farmer :O said...

Stewie just completed level 3 of Cupcakes mastery in FarmVille!

stewie has harvested 1009 Cupcakes in order to achieve their mastery, and wants to share their success with you!

بصيص said...

Any attempt to rationalize irrational behavour is a waste of time, because irrational behaviour stems from irrational minds which fail totally to rationalize any rationale regardless of how rational it is. And so for any rational person who wants to keep his rationality intact, he/she is advised to stay well away from irrationality.

Nice new skin by the way (the blog that is)


Deema said...


i wanna be hit by motto cycle