Thursday, January 27, 2005

Hit the Publish Post button and run..

I am both ashamed and embarrassed for returning his calls.. for being so weak.. for keeping my weakness a secret form my best friends, my sisters, & my brothers whom I love more than anything.
I am mostly ashamed and embarrassed for falling for the wrong guy.

I have never felt this small.


shosho said...

Falling for the wrong guy is an embarrassment every girl has to undergo - this is the only way to realize the true value of yourself.

Probably you won't find the happiness you are after down the road, but you will find something more important - the true "you", which you will learn not to compromise the next time. So you will learn it the hard way, but believe me, it's the good way too!

Enjoy :)

nazzal said...

Why ? whats that thing in him that keeps your blood rushing every where and keeps u feeling week ?!!! and may be dizzy !! min 7a'6ah el ....... ? :)

Jacqui said...

We always fall for the wrong guys.. it's just that wrong is always more tempting and I dunno hehehe

Btw.. nice look and thanks for adding me to your Neighbor list :P

Jewaira said...

Just accept that you are attracted to him. Nothing to do with weakness. No harm falling for the wrong guy. But overall do not keep it a secret because that is when you will be taken advantage of. Always have someone that you can talk to that may keep you level-headed :)

Shurouq said...

Thanks dear, I'll take your word for it

What if it's a bit beyond that blood rush?

Oh no.. I'm realy not into bad guys. Are you?

It's no secret anymore.
And I can't accept it.. see, I'm the one who's always first to jump and say: "ditch him/her, s/he's bad for you"

What a sleazy hypocrite I have become!

Judy Abbott said...

then just ignore him and don't lose you dignity girl just dump him if you don't want him , don't tell me this is love !!!

practical said...

la 3ady dont worry about it, he will leave you one day, most likely for someone else and then he will get dumped and then come back to you, and you will forgive him and life goes on ..

Shurouq said...

min 3yooni

shda3wa.. My life isn't a soap opera

nazzal said...

i keep go back reading up and dowen trying to figure whats "bit beyond" but still cant !!!! so open up BIT more dear ....

practical said...

am sure its not, and returning his calls is ok as long as you dont start seeing him again.

if you ever do, please dont tell us about it, there are things that are better kept untold

PinkSuedeShoes said...

Dearest Shurouq,

Sometimes, just sometimes it's an uncontrollable urge. Why? Well, subconsciously your mind has registered the fact that he has strong powerful footballer's thighs and a High Sperm Count (a rarity nowadays).

Maybe also due to the fact that he is virile and fertile, therefore you are afraid of letting him go and you end up with a pansy with No Sperm Count whatsoever and Skinny/Flabby thighs. (Ever notice how Kuwaiti Guys can only ever Be Really Really Skinny, or Really Really Fat? Hmmm...)

So, Dearest Shurouq, this is what I propose. CALL HIM, Before he calls you and tell him the following:-

"I admire your High Sperm Count Profusely and Hope that one Day it will, in Profusion, Make me Pregnant. Thusly, I will now endeavour to ask you to marry me, if only to enjoy the many profusions of our fruitful marriage. So Will Ya? Or Won't Ya? Huh? Huh? Huh?"

By undertaking this very sane yet calculating phone call you shall succeed in either two things:-

1. He shall think that you are crazy, and he will leave you forever. This will take away the insane urge of picking up the phone everytime he calls. Problem Solved.

2. He will agree to marry you and then he won't ever bother to call you again because you'd be busy calling him! This will take away the insane urge of you picking up the phone everytime he calls. Problem Solved.

See, Either Way, Problem Solved.

PSS Says "Call 'Him'".

**The End**

Judy Abbott said...

teslam 3yoonich ya galbi
PSS: why shall she get in contact with someone she felts embarassed for replying him !! it means he hurted her hey girls don't lose your selfs for these guys there is better quality out there its just a matter of time girls ,, you deserve better shorouq

Shurouq said...

I choose not to elaborate :)

You're right.. I couldn't agree more

lol I don't have the sassiness it takes, babe!..

Thank you

nazzal said...

then there is not enough data to process ....... :))
so be strong .. take charge .. be happy

Shurouq said...

Merci, Nazzal :)

minime said...

May I ask?
are you lonely? I mean real deep inside.

Shurouq said...

Everyone is lonely deep inside, no?

minime said...

too many privilages (ne3am) in life for one to feel
Pretty flowers, clean water, healthy eyes, sound mind, spiders(no nasty comment here plz :-P), bees, (and in 2 months time butterflies), secure bank account (meaning el wa7ed ma yemed eydah b3azah), good clean food... & kell shay in life :-)
Allah yehani galbich :-)

minime said...


Shurouq said...

I am grateful for all the 'ne3am' I have (spiders included).. And that inner lonliness is a bliss too.

nazzal said...

Up UP UP UP you go GIRL .. enough of that weakshity feelings
i read u clear and between the lines ;
you have a brain that is so sexy and YAZEN BALAD
so DANCE life through , am dam sure U R good at it

Shurouq said...

رفعت معنوياتي والله :)

كل يوم تعال

PinkSuedeShoes said...

Umm.. Shurouq, Sweetie, Hon,

Could we please get some closure on this and move on to the next post?

Much Obliged,
PSS :)

Shurouq said...

Pink dear,
Your wish is my command.
It ends here.